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Jerry Seinfeld’s 1,000-Second Commencement Speech Was Set to a 5th-Grade Reading Level. It’s the Best Ever Done – Simplicity tells a story and influences deeply.

The speech was not only engaging but also remarkably accessible. It’s a master class in human storytelling, primarily because of its low reading level–equivalent to that of a fifth grader.

New_ Public “Strengthening Public Conversation” 5/31 – Online

At this Reserve St. Public Working Group meeting over Zoom, we’ll hear from representatives of New_ Public and the University of Texas at Austin about how social media is impacting the ways citizens work, collaborate, and build up their communities.

Junior tech workers can’t find jobs. Here’s why one coding boot camp hit the brakes

Launch Academy cofounder and CEO Dan Pickett talks about his decision to pause the coding boot camp, and what it means for the tech industry.

Hellgate High School student Faith You wins scholarship at national STEM competition

You was one of eight first-place winners who won $12,000 scholarships with 240 students competing from across the country.

How Modern America Is Optimized for Loneliness, Misery and Poor Health – Carcatecture is Killing Us.

Daily, the average American spends an hour driving according to AAA, 25 minutes socializing and communicating, 2.5 hours watching TV, and 16 minutes exercising, according to the BLS.

Lab to Startup – Lessons from Evolution of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem at UC Berkeley

I hope you get some insights from this story, and walk away with appreciation and potentially actionable steps if you are trying to build startup ecosystems on your campuses.

Montana State University – Mountains and Minds Magazine Spring 2024

This past year, more students than ever before walked into MSU’s classrooms. Nearly 17,000 students enrolled last fall from across the state, country and world and from all walks of life. And of all the places they could have gone, they chose Montana State. Why?

Montana’s Camp Paxson becomes the classroom at Larch Outdoor Education Program

The program is designed for students in fifth, sixth and seventh grades but can be adapted for other ages. Earlier this week, students in those grades from Potomac School, Paxson Elementary and Missoula International School filled the rustic camp, which the Civilian Conservation Corps built in 1939 and ’40 on the west side of where the Clearwater River flows into Seeley Lake. 

Video: Meet the High School Students Running a Recycling Business

Imagine a shop class that makes money and buys its own tools. At Cañon City High School, students learn about technology and business all at once.

Net-zero education: the ‘Duolingo’ of green skills

Could an AI-powered app empower the next generation of workers?