2023 Montana Legislature and Politics

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Montana families continue to face a preschool desert

“I’m not talking about the opportunity for us to spend money for cute little boys and girls to sit criss-cross applesauce and read Dr. Suess books,” O’Brien said. “I’m talking about brain development so that our children are ready to learn and ready to work.”

The FCC finally made a new broadband map of the US

It’s based on information provided by the four major carriers

Brainstorm sessions are great. But what comes next is what really matters

What happens after a productive brainstorming session depends on how you organize, develop, and prioritize all those ideas. This innovation strategist has a 7-point action plan.

Making the case for public pre-K in Montana

Despite pilot programs highlighting the benefits of early education in recent years, Montana families continue to face a preschool desert

How Starlink’s Satellite Internet Stacks Up Against HughesNet and Viasat around the Globe – How many subscribe in Montana?

It beats digging twenty miles (or more) of trench to hook up to local infrastructure.

Share your stories of our Shared State in Montana

Shared State is a narrative podcast from Montana’s leading nonprofit newsrooms that examines our current political moment through stories about the complex people and beliefs that shape our state.

Americans owe at least $140 billion in medical debt – Paying the Bills: The Financial Realities of Health Care and Rural America

The reason, according to Mahoney’s research, appears to tie into the decision by many states in the South to not expand Medicaid as allowed under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). By comparison, in states that chose to broaden their public health insurance for low-income individuals, total medical debt fell significantly more, and the rates at which their residents—including those who live in the lowest-income areas—accumulated new debt from one year to the next also declined.

Six Community Broadband Networks Demonstrate Diversity of Approaches to Connectivity Challenges

One might think this is the moment for community broadband networks. The truth is, locally-directed networks have been serving their communities for a long, long time.

‘Economic transformation’ Montana commission adopts priorities, seeks public input on how to allocate $150 Million

Lawmakers and Gianforte administration officials tasked with allocating $150 million to bolster Montana’s post-COVID economy name business innovation, value-added ag, worker training and affordable housing as priorities.

Housing costs emerge as key to Montana’s labor shortage

On Wednesday, a commission tasked with distributing part of the $900 million in federal coronavirus relief that Montana received named affordable housing as one of four categories they will consider for funding proposals.