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U.S. Department of Energy Releases First Ever Federal Blueprint to Decarbonize America’s Buildings Sector

First Comprehensive Federal Strategy Outlines Pathways to Reduce Emissions 90% in Buildings Sector by 2050, Reinforcing President Biden’s Investing in America Agenda to Lower Energy Costs, Improve Resilience, and Tackle the Climate Crisis

How a Small City Shifted Its Economy

It lost the headquarters of two Fortune 500 companies. It created a promising future by retooling itself for biotech.

How to Know When You Truly Have a Breakthrough Product

Melissa Bernstein, co-founder of Melissa and Doug, spoke about creativity, invention, and her new venture on Inc.’s new podcast, For Starters.

‘Burn Book’ by Kara Swisher – What does she really think about tech founders..?

From award-winning journalist Kara Swisher comes a witty, scathing, but fair accounting of the tech industry and its founders who wanted to change the world but broke it instead.

City of Bozeman kicks off a series of surveys to address community needs

“I want our community members to know that this is their chance to be heard and feel heard,” said Munfrada.

Tesla to unveil robotaxi self-driving car in August, Elon Musk says

The technological feat has been a longtime goal for Musk, who has said autonomous taxis could revolutionize modern transportation by becoming more popular than human-driven cars and that automakers would be “worth basically zero.”

A Brief History of the Future on the PBS website now

A Brief History of the Future is a unique six-part documentary series about our futures and how we can reimagine them. Hosted by renowned futurist Ari Wallach, the show invites viewers on a journey around the world that is filled with discovery, hope, and possibility about where we find ourselves today and what could come next.

A Wharton professor explains why most jobs will be impacted by AI

Researchers have found that AI has the power to impact the vast majority of jobs.

Over 3,000 homes on the Navajo Nation Receive Accurate Addresses for the First Time

The Rural Utah Project is encouraging rural residents to use Plus Codes, a free addressing system created by Google.

Millions Of Teens Are Using A Homework App From TikTok’s Chinese Parent Company

As Gauth AI surges in popularity, its parent company ByteDance is fighting to keep TikTok available in the U.S.