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Why Smart Leaders Use ChatGPT Ethically And How They Do It

Let’s look at several ethical questions raised by AI chatbots, including:

This 3D Printed Community Is Printing One House per Week for a Year

3D printing has been slowly but surely ramping up as a viable construction technology, with communities of 3D printed homes being built in California, Virginia, Texas, and Mexico, among others. Now a new development on the other side of the Atlantic is joining this list.

Artificial Intelligence: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming part of our lives, from self-driving cars to ChatGPT. John Oliver discusses how AI works, where it might be heading next, and, of course, why it hates the bus.

Experts predict how AI will energize cybersecurity in 2023 and beyond

AI and machine learning (ML) are becoming attackers’ preferred technologies, from designing malicious payloads that defy detection to writing customized phishing emails.

8 Ways to Put ChatGPT to Work for Your Business

Welcome your new business partner. Here are some ways ChatGPT can help your organization become more competitive.

Microsoft’s Bing is an emotionally manipulative liar, and people love it

Users have been reporting all sorts of ‘unhinged’ behavior from Microsoft’s AI chatbot. In one conversation with The Verge, Bing even claimed it spied on Microsoft’s employees through webcams on their laptops and manipulated them.

Why Boston Dynamics is Building a Super Robot Army

What was once the realm of speculation is now being shipped from Boston Dynamics’ factories on a weekly basis. All the while, the robots move ever closer in the resemblance of their human creators.

The new Congress is enlisting kids in its ongoing fight with Big Tech

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has reportedly signaled that passing them is a priority for him. President Joe Biden recently said the same.

Missoula-based Gaize announces the launch of their real-time impairment screening device for cannabis and other drugs

Today, Gaize, Inc. announced the launch of their impairment screening solution for cannabis and other drugs. The product is a first-of-its-kind fully automated, non-invasive and portable eye movement test conducted by a VR headset.

The Pulse: An innovation leader webinar, a cooling and hydrating vest, plus other R&D highlights and news

First, if you’re wondering how innovation leaders launch new products in increasingly tight windows, join us for our upcoming webinar with IndustryWeek