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New molecule slams the brakes on Alzheimer’s brain inflammation

In an effort to find new treatments to halt the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, scientists at The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have landed on a molecule that can improve memory by putting the brakes on a process that causes brain inflammation.

University of Montan’s IT team makes major summer changes

“I want the user experience to be exceptional and seamless,” said Director of Digital Strategy and Innovation Stephanie Geyer about plans the marketing team is working on to update the University’s websites.

EDA receives 378 applications for Tech Hubs competition

In total, 48 states and three territories submitted 378 Tech Hubs Phase 1 applications.

Glacier National Park: Flaw in reservation system?

The problem that I see is that many of the campers don’t occupy any, and so it leaves a significant number of the campsites available for other people who show up and are just potentially looking for a first come first serve basis,” he said.

Leveraging the Choice Not to Travel

The pandemic accelerated the growth of remote services and telecommuting. Now is the time for urban planners to leverage these new opportunities to reduce vehicle miles traveled.

AI-powered leak detection reduces water waste

Wint’s water management system uses AI to detect and stop leaks at the source, preventing damage, reducing consumption, and cutting emissions

Solar-heated nanowires de-ice surfaces with almost 100% efficiency

Ice build-up can pose a problem for roads, aircraft, wind turbines and power lines, among many other things. Now scientists at Dalian University of Technology have developed a new structure made of copper nanowires that can passively de-ice surfaces with an efficacy of close to 100%.

Eastern Idaho Tech Summit – 9/14 – Pocatello

Join us at the brand new Idaho State University Alumni Center for an exciting event showcasing the tech and innovation happening in Eastern Idaho.

Data Centers Love North Dakota. Should North Dakota Love Them?

North Dakota is considered one of the best states for mining cryptocurrency, but the high energy use that comes with it has some skeptical of its benefit to the state.

Using stem cells, doctors restored vision to people with devastating eye injuries

Eye surgeons in the U.S. are inching closer to being able to use a specific type of stem cell transplant to fix a serious eye problem that can cause pain and permanent vision loss.