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Man indicted in $722 million bitcoin Ponzi scheme is majority owner of Butte’s CryptoWatt

The arrest of Matthew Brent Goettsche, 37, of Lafayette, Colorado has thrown the operation of the Butte plant into turmoil.

California to Pennsylvania – Driverless Truck Safely Delivers 40,000 Pounds of Butter – Self-driving trucks could be “a few years out.”

A safety driver was ready to take over at any time, though they didn’t have to.

When Will Blockchain Technology Be a Game-Changer?

“despite billions of dollars of investment, and nearly as many headlines, evidence for a practical scalable use for blockchain is thin on the ground.”

Wyoming Quietly Hires Its First Chief Data Officer

One of the CDO’s duties would include identifying resources that could be shared or consolidated across government agencies.

Kalispell robotics team rewarded with trip of a lifetime

RoboScout Squad was one of two middle school groups in the United States to earn a trip this year.

Podcast – Machine Programming: What Lies Ahead?

Imagine software that creates its own software. That is what machine programming is all about.

What’s New in Civic Tech: Google and Boulder, Colo., Team Up

Residents of Boulder will be able to use to determine if they qualify for public programs, discounts or rebates.

MIT wants self-driving cars to traffic in human emotion

This would, clearly, mean more safety in a world where cars piloted by AI are mixed in with vehicles still operated by humans.

Exponential tech advances will change the world faster than we think

It’s not the old business adage of 1+1=3. It’s 1+1=1000.

Investors Are Pouring Billions Into Proptech (real estate). Here’s Who’s Getting It

Here are the biggest players in the real estate industry’s billion-dollar transformation. By Kevin J. RyanStaff writer, Inc.