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The exciting, perilous journey toward AGI

Artificial general intelligence (AGI) could surpass human intelligence and profoundly transform every aspect of life.

Bozeman, Montana Based MagDrive Technologies to Present Plan for Reducing Refinery Emissions by 62% during COP28 Climate Summit

MagDrive Technologies is the creator and leader of the magnetically actuated valve category. Based in Bozeman, Montana, MagDrive’s team is bringing true zero emission components to industries like oil and gas, energy, nuclear, aerospace, and cryogenics.

Missoula Community Visioning Workshops – 12/4, 12/6, 12/13 – Various locations in Missoula

These interactive events will feature brief presentations from City staff, facilitated small group discussions, and individual activities to capture input from the community. These events are an important first step in updating Missoula’s vision for future growth.

Cell Phone Tracking And Cameras May Soon Help Cops Issue Distracted Driver Tickets

Speeding and red light cameras may soon be joined by distracted driving cameras

Microgrids can bolster unreliable electricity systems. Why aren’t states doing more to develop them?

Microgrids can offer cleaner and more reliable electricity, but companies that try to develop such projects have run into a discouraging array of obstacles.

GFDA Top Ten for 11-19-23

Can you guess how many more than 10 there are this week?

AI Copilots Are ‘Redefining’ Sales And Service Jobs, Says Salesforce AI’s CEO

Now, as CEO of Salesforce AI, the 41-year-old executive, part of 2023’s Future of Work 50, oversees the artificial intelligence strategy of one of the world’s largest tech companies, integrating it across products like Slack and Tableau.

OpenAI’s leadership coup could slam brakes on growth in favor of AI safety – OpenAI staff threaten to quit unless board resigns

While the board’s statement about the firing said it resulted from communication from Altman that “wasn’t consistently candid,” the exact reasons or timing of the board’s decision remain shrouded in mystery.

California Bar Adopts First-of-Its-Kind Guidance on AI for Attorneys

COPRAC recognizes that generative AI is a rapidly evolving technology that presents novel
issues that might necessitate new regulation and rules in the future.

New Swedish Recycling Plant Can Sort More Plastic Than Any Other Facility in the World

According to Svensk Plaståtervinning (Swedish Plastic Recycling), the plant, called Site Zero, can recycle up to 200,000 metric tons of plastic packaging annually.