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The right way to hire an AI-ready workforce

It’s critical to bring new talent into the organization that has the uniquely human skills that AI lacks. This underscores the importance of meticulous talent acquisition. 

Economic diversification is key to Wyoming’s future

We cannot let our reverence for our past economic drivers keep us from looking for, and embracing, what’s next.

Montana legislators continue looking into regulation of autonomous vehicles

The Transportation Interim Committee met on Wednesday, hosting a panel with five industry experts with ties to the Treasure State. This included representatives with Headwaters Tech Hub, Hyundai, RDO Equipment Company, Aurora, and the Autonomous Vehicle Industry Association (AVIA).

The International Day of Light – 5/18 – Bozeman, Montana

Join Montana Photonics & Quantum Alliance (MPQA) and the MSU Optics & Photonics Society (OPS) to celebrate the International Day of Light next weekend, Saturday, May 18 at the Montana Science Center (MSC) & the Museum of the Rockies!

Can The Tesla Brand Really Shift Gears Into A Successful Autonomy Company?

The Tesla brand is on full display as CEO Elon Musk tries to convince Chinese and US regulators as well as Tesla investors that the company’s Full Self Driving (FSD) technology is nearly ready to emulate every driving task that a human currently undertakes.

The Answer to Election Deniers Is in an Idaho County Website

Ballot Verifier is a first-of-its-kind tool that gives anyone with an internet connection direct access to every single ballot that has been cast in all Ada County elections since 2022, meaning that those in the election denial movement can no longer say that they don’t have access to the information they want.

City of Missoula pursuing electric vehicle infrastructure plan

The city’s transportation plan has other goals to reduce emissions, including a reduction in single-occupancy trips. The plan looks to cut those trips to 34% or less, but even then, Filicicchia said, there remains a large amount of tailpipe emissions.

Microbe power breaks the chain of plastic pollution

These engineered microbes break down plastics into biomolecules that can be used to make new products

Updated Home Energy Efficiency Standards Could Affect 1 in 4 Homes

Updated efficiency standards from HUD and USDA will lower bills and make homes safer. Here’s how.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Transform US Energy Infrastructure

Groundbreaking report provides ambitious framework for accelerating clean energy deployment while minimizing risks and costs in the face of climate change