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The job market is getting more competitive. How to write a resume that stands out.

Resumes should be organized and easy to scan for information. Experts say a little pop of color is fine, but most professions don’t need the job application to show off their design skills.

Can AI-designed panels revolutionize solar power?

Renkube is also pioneering a pilot scheme for farmers wherein solar panels act as a canopy over farmed land underneath. This means farmers don’t lose any farming space on the ground, and can lease out the canopies to solar developers for additional income.

How the Mighty Heat Pump Helps EVs in the Cold

“Any electric vehicle that comes out right now and doesn’t have a heat pump is a dinosaur already,”

ImagineIF launches 3D printing pilot program in Kalispell, Montana

Explore the world of 3D printing and unleash your creativity at ImagineIF Libraries. The Free Public 3D Printing Pilot Program provides free access to 3D printing services for personal and educational purposes.

Montana State receives $10 million grant to establish initiative to help underserved communities in 6 state

At a Jan. 19 event on campus, officials from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that Montana State University will receive at least $10 million to establish a regional partnership to help communities and tribal nations in six states address environment- and energy-related priorities.

Montana Photonics is Amazing – Video

Last week, at the Montana Chamber’s Business Days at the Capitol, MEDA member, Brit Fontenot led an excellent discussion on the photonics cluster in Montana. Check out the discussion

Can an AI Become Its Own CEO After Creating a Startup? Google DeepMind Co-Founder Thinks So

Real-life entrepreneurs, don’t panic. At least not yet. AI will take a few years to rival your hustle

January 2024 Montana Manufacturing News

In recent months, we’ve reported positive news about the state of manufacturing in Montana. For example, the 2023 Montana Manufacturing Report documented strong increases in the number of manufacturing firms, the number of workers, and the wages they earn.

Surprise plant cell discovery unlocks human anti-aging potential

Scientists have discovered a new contender in the quest to hack the human aging process, and it’s a little-studied protein within a cell structure that also doesn’t get a lot of airtime in research despite being one of the first organelles identified more than a century ago.

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