Montana Highway Patrol terminated trooper who requested mental health support – Proactive Trauma Preparedness Is Available

“One of the biggest challenges to suicide prevention programs for law enforcement professionals is well discussed and largely agreed upon: culture,” said the report to Congress.

When Miller reached out to superiors for help before he lost his job, they refused him, even after promising support, he said. Then, his bosses tried to force him to resign, he said; when he wouldn’t step down, they fired him.

“They threw me away without a second thought,” Miller said. “It’s not even a human thing to do.”

“On a daily basis, officers experience job-related stressors that can range from interpersonal conflicts to extremely traumatic events, such as vehicle crashes, homicide, and suicide,” said the report. “This cumulative exposure can affect officers’ mental and physical health, contributing to problems such as post-traumatic stress symptoms, substance misuse, depression, and suicidal ideation.”

In the phone call, the acting captain delivered a stern message, which Miller attributes in part to the captain’s own stress from a different personnel issue: “The world is tough. You need to toughen up or go.”



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