Rural Communities

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The Creative Class A Key to Rural Growth

The creative-class thesis—that towns need to attract engineers, architects, artists, and people in
other creative occupations to compete in today’s economy—may be particularly relevant to rural
communities, which tend to lose much of their talent when young adults leave for college, the
Armed Forces, or “city lights.”

Rural Areas Offer Guides to Newcomers

Across the country, rural areas have seen a steady influx of urban dwellers in the past decade, some of whom are suffering a bit of Green Acres-esque shock.

Do Rural Areas Offer An Alternative To Offshoring?

Researchers at Virginia Tech are looking at ways to attract companies considering moving overseas to relocate to low-cost rural areas of the U.S. — a concept dubbed "farmshoring".

More Kids Not Allowed To Go Out And Play

Fewer and fewer parents are allowing their children to leave the house unattended. Citing safety concerns, nearly half of parents prefer to keep their kids home.

"Office with a view — but a doozy commute" – Climber continues to run his accounting while scaling Mt. Everest

That’s right: telecommunication has evolved to the point that it’s possible to keep working, even from the roof of the world.

Tacoma’s new role: Consultant to college-town wannabes

"The reason we are here in Tacoma is we want to be like you when we grow up," said Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson

Outsourcing Your Life

Outsourcing has already trickled down from big corporations to small businesses, which now send everything from secretarial work to graphic design to back-end legal research overseas.

Collaboration between RightNow Technologies and Montana State University Alumni Association Proves that Ex-Residents Offer Promising Talent Pool For Company in Remote Location.

It’s hard enough for a small business to attract talent. It’s even more difficult when that business is located hundreds of miles from a major job market.

Silicon Valley Execs Optimistic but Housing a Challenge. Where to expand next a growing question.

Helping to create affordable housing is the most important action the state government can take to improve the local business climate, according to 65 percent of the CEOs surveyed.

Hometown Competitiveness as a model for rural communities

“Youth want to return to the community, but perceive a lack of opportunity,” Wall said. “With a large percentage of youth interested in staying or returning to the area, there is a great opportunity to work with them in creating opportunities that will help them act on this. Entrepreneurship education, meaningful youth community engagement and adult support could help shift this perspective,” he said.