Rural Communities

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Becoming an Innovation City

How can you make your city or region a major innovation center, and in particular, a major center for technology-based innovation?

Tough business decisions accompany teleworking

While employees and the government are pushing for more telework options, business owners worry about the potential productivity and security risks of employees working from home.

Entrepreneurship and the City. Does yours have the "right stuff"

This paper presents basic facts on two measures of entrepreneurship: the self-employment rate and the number of small firms.

Online teaching expands to Cody, Wyoming – City is 5th to host office for Eleutian Technology employing more than 100 teachers

An Internet start-up company that employs Wyoming teachers to tutor Asian students learning English is opening a Cody office this week.

Finding Rural America’s Prosperous Communities

What if we didn’t assume that growth was good? What if we looked for rural places that were prosperous instead? What would we find?

Small Town America Is Offshore Alternative for Some Companies

Add to that list Corsicana, Texas, and Helena, Mont., two cities where Northrop Grumman is recruiting IT specialists and software engineers, reports the Los Angeles Times.

U.S. companies are finding savings they used to seek overseas

Some U.S. companies recently have pulled back from India to set up shop in rural areas where access to high-speed broadband connections isn’t the problem it was just a few years ago and where lower real estate prices and wages are attractive.

Upstate New York Needs Regional Cooperation

"For the first time, a generation of upstate New Yorkers has had less economic opportunity than their parents _ and many have been forced to leave for opportunity elsewhere," Spitzer said.

Outsourcing comes home

Companies are turning to ‘home agents’ in the US to provide customer service. Workers like the hours – and the 15-second commute.

Digital ‘avatars’ may stand in for you in virtual workplace

Advocates say virtual worlds offer new ways for people to collaborate and foster workplace interaction in an age of dispersed employees. Companies can also save on travel time and cut down on the greenhouse gases fueling global warming.