Rural Communities

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Ex-Residents Are Gone, But They’re Not Forgotten

Across the country, in an effort to repopulate declining work forces, several states are going after former residents.

A New Approach To Economic Development Help For Entrepreneurs

Nearly every community talks about attracting more entrepreneurs.

High-Tech Brings Rural Towns Back to Life. The Center to Bridge the Digital Divide

Three trends are fueling growth in some rural areas, says Bill Gillis, director of the Center to Bridge the Digital Divide in Spokane, Wash.

Strategic Entrepreneurial Economic Development, or SEED program targets rural Minnesota counties

The nearly $70 million that will be requested from the 2008 Legislature will support ideas from entrepreneurs in rural Minnesota and encourage growth from within rural counties.

Native son, Dr. Nelson Ludlow returns to rural Washington State to build Mobilisa Inc. into one of the fastest growing companies in the State. Company teams with WSU for further success.

“I knew all along I wanted to move back to Washington State; in particular, I wanted to move to Port Townsend,” said Ludlow. “Even when I was in grade school on Whidbey Island, I thought Port Townsend was the cool place to be.”

Building a Statewide Angel Network

Wisconsin has done an outstanding job developing a collaborative and networked statewide Angel network. Each state should have one if it wants to give its entrepreneurs a chance to compete in the world economy. Without it, the state’s economic development is at a severe disadvantage.

Maine Set Aggressive Goals to Carry State’s Economy Into the Future

"It’s not just cutting — it’s the bleeding edge."

Insitu raises $25 million for new craft. Spy plane maker anticipates profits this year

Sliwa anticipates ending the year at 260 employees, boasting that Bingen, Washington probably now has more Ph.D.s per capita than anyplace in the world.

Which states love small business?

Entrepreneurs, zip up your parkas and head for the plains! South Dakota once again leads the list of U.S. states with the best tax and regulatory climate for small business, according to the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council’s latest ranking.

Small-town America: The new Bangalore? Northrop Grumman in Helena, Montana

Los Angeles-based Northrop picked Corsicana and six other small cities, including Lebanon, Va., and Helena, Mont., as locations for employees who develop software and troubleshoot technical problems for clients hundreds or thousands of miles away.