Rural Communities

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Empowering Citizens To Build Sustainable Communities

When communities face an onslaught of economic and social challenges, the very idea of bringing citizens together to form a common visions and a plan of action to breathe new life into a community may be a daunting one. However, with an intelligent approach, it is possible.

An Economic Development Toolbox

a practical guide to economic development that will help local governments analyze their economies and incorporate economic goals into comprehensive plans.

Industry discovers low cost of heartland

Some of those new industrial projects have nothing to do with the traditional agricultural base of places such as Grant County. Microsoft and Yahoo are both building data centers at Quincy; Intuit is doing due diligence on another, Brewer said, and the economic development council is talking to still more companies lured by lower land and power prices.

Cody, Wyoming program aims to add hundreds of jobs, increase earnings

"We’re not going to just let things happen in Cody," Mahieu said. "We’re going to create what Cody is going to be."

Plateauing: Redefining Success at Work

Some companies are beginning to take notice, providing new options and opportunities in the ongoing war for talent.

America’s Worst Commutes

Relief is not immediately at hand.

Seattle shouldn’t disregard the Other Washington

The Other Washington is also proving to be a destination for retirees, want-to-be retirees and entrepreneurs, all looking for an alternative to big-city life. That makes the Other Washington a relief valve for growth and ever-escalating housing prices in the Puget Sound area, but it also makes it a competitor to Seattle as a place where adults of all ages decide they want to live, work, start businesses, raise families and retire.

West of Washington State’s mainland finds new niche in people. Economy changing as business owners, retirees from the city seek ‘shift in lifestyle’

The Olympic Peninsula, once dependent upon exporting logs and lumber, is building an economy based on the importation of people, their companies and their money.

How To Create A Great Place To Live

Five communities around the country demonstrate ways to overcome common challenges and create attractive, appealing places to call home.

Money, vision needed to get ‘young and restless’ to settle here

We will need to combine top level researchers with the most creative people we can attract — largely through providing the highest quality of life our communities can offer.

Our economic future depends on it.