Rural Communities

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What Starlink beta testers really think about Elon Musk’s satellite internet

“Starlink will serve the hardest-to-serve customers that [telecommunications companies] otherwise have trouble reaching.”

The Byrne Family donates 25 new Chromebooks to Ulm, Montana School

Small school districts don’t usually have big budgets – but sometime they have caring benefactors with huge hearts. That was evident in Ulm recently where one couple helped the district meet the challenges of Covid-19 head on.

Blackfoot Communications connects you to more.

Our mission is to connect people, businesses and communities.

New accelerated apprenticeship education initiative helping communities get people trained in electrical and plumbing work

“We’re able to deliver electrical and plumbing courses around the state of Montana,” said David Krueger, the dean of technical sciences at MSUN.

Lowering broadband transaction costs with pay-per-forward networking

Pay-per-forward networking is an emerging technology which has the potential to greatly improve Internet access, especially in rural areas and developing countries.

5 Ways Biden Can Help Rural America Thrive and Bridge the Rural-Urban Divide

Biden’s administration has an opportunity to address challenges that hold rural America back and divide the country along geographic lines.

‘I can’t afford to live here’: North Idaho housing prices skyrocket amid low inventory

Real estate agents say the North Idaho market is one of the most competitive they have ever seen, partly due to people from out of state buying up land.

Whitefish officials seek public comment on resort tax

City Council is looking into a proposal that would extend the resort tax at 3% and adjust how the money is spent.

Female-founded companies will save our economy. Here’s why

The founder of Pipeline Equity says it’s time for women to finally have the freedom to live the American dream by launching their companies with the requisite funding.

Getting The Most from the Nation’s Investment in Rural Broadband

Joe Biden’s administration has the chance to revisit a call for the creation of a Rural Development Network. It would be a virtual toolbox helping rural communities “utilize the Internet to create economic opportunity.”