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Gov. Gianforte, Montana State Agencies Blast BLM Over Its American Prairie Reserve Bison Grazing Proposal

Gov. Gianforte wrote. “Any action that could threaten the stability of Montana’s livestock industry, its ability to market healthy products, or the strength of its socioeconomic fabric deserves to be fully vetted and analyzed in an honest, thorough manner.”

Announcing a New Look for American Prairie in Montana

As we look forward to our next 20 years, we are excited to announce a new image for our organization that celebrates our past and our future.

Why American Prairie’s plans are good for Montana 

Lately, deliberate misrepresentations have been circulating regarding American Prairie’s proposal to graze bison on six federal allotments in Phillips County. While most Montanan’s who have commented thus far clearly welcome our proposal, some remain committed to a misinformation campaign based on rumors and misdirection. This only serves to perpetuate divisions and erode our civic fabric. As such, I am compelled to set the record straight. 

American Prairie Reserve Celebrates 20 Years, 420,000 acres and counting

In this spirit, we will be refreshing the American Prairie brand. While our mission and work remain the same, our look will be evolving to reflect the vast beauty and diversity of life that has captivated the prairie’s visitors for millennia. Stay tuned!

Montana’s American Prairie Reserve Opens More Acres to Hunting

Nonprofit organization provides public opportunities to harvest bison and hunt elk

Groups raise $500,000 in fundraising match to support Yellowstone bison conservation

The program provides an alternative to sending bison to slaughter in order to manage the population within the park.

The Verdict is in, The American Prairie Reserve’s Bison Grazing Plan Benefits Public Lands 

On July 1, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) advanced American Prairie’s request to graze bison on six federal grazing allotments in Phillips County, citing that the proposed action will not have a significant impact on the land. 

The Bureau of Land Management Advances American Prairie’s Bison Grazing Application

Alison Fox, CEO of American Prairie, says the proposed action is consistent with past BLM decisions and in this instance, approval will create opportunities to collaborate with local officials and neighbors in Phillips County, while the Montana-based organization advances species and habitat restoration efforts.

Montana Career Opportunity – Senior Land Acquisition Manager – American Prairie Reserve

Join one of the most exciting and ambitious conservation projects in the world while directly supporting our mission to create a vast refuge for people and wildlife preserved forever as part of America’s heritage.  …

BLM gives initial OK to American Prairie Reserve’s bison grazing permit – Seeks Comments

“The BLM has implemented similar actions in other areas, including existing permits for bison grazing currently held by APR,” the BLM noted in its Finding of No Significant Impact. “As a result, no precedent would be set with approval of the proposed action.”

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