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American Prairie announces purchase of 2,000 acres in Phillips County

The acquisitions bring American Prairie’s total deeded and leased property in northeastern Montana to more than 462,000 acres, much of it close to the Missouri River Breaks.

Ken Burns: ‘The only thing that changes people is storytelling’ – ‘The American Buffalo’

“My last film was on the US and the Holocaust,” documentarian Ken Burns told an audience in Washington recently. “I didn’t think the next film would be about eugenics too.”

That next film is The American Buffalo, a two-part, four-hour series exploring how the national mammal helped sustain Native Americans on the Great Plains for millennia – only to be nearly wiped out by white settlers in little more than a decade.

Book available to accompany PBS show about the history of American bison

The film tells the story of how the U.S. National Mammal (officially known as bison) came back from the brink of extinction, and its deep connection to Indigenous communities and the land.

What a chicken-size bird can tell us about a shrinking prairie

What’s more revealing than a head count is where the curlews migrate and nest, hence the tracking project, Carlisle said. Curlews used to breed as far east as Indiana. Now, the southwest corner of North Dakota marks the easterly edge of their breeding territory.

Interior Department invests $5M to restore bison in tribal communities

The funding includes $3.5 million from the Inflation Reduction Act that will support the InterTribal Buffalo Council’s herd development. The council consists of 80 tribes and facilitates management of more than 20,000 buffalo.

Yellowstone Bison Revival

The mighty bison was virtually wiped out a century ago. But a few remained in the heart of Yellowstone National Park. CBS Reports explores the American icon’s incredible return from the brink, and its remarkable role in revitalizing and restoring sacred tribal culture and traditions.

American Prairie Opens New Land for Public Access and Hunting in Montana

American Prairie is pleased to announce its newly acquired property, Wild Horse, is open for public use and has been enrolled in the Block Management Program managed by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP).

Montana Indian reservation seeks to restore bison populations – CBS News

The Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana has spent the past two decades actively working to revive bison populations, which at one point were near extinction. Adam Yamaguchi has more.   Video   Yellowstone presents…

The echo of the bison

Today, we hear from an economist who revealed the shocking numbers telling this story, and one member of the Blackfeet Nation who is trying to bring back the bison.

60 Minutes – American Prairie: Creating a huge new nature reserve in Montana

Two decades ago, a nonprofit organization began trying to fix that, not with a new national park but rather a huge privately-operated nature reserve, a place where – as we first reported last fall – buffalo can roam once again.