American Prairie

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Educators invited to apply for workshop in Yellowstone about implementing curriculum on buffalo

The program recognizes the importance of revitalizing relationships between the Indigenous peoples and nations who relied on the buffalo as their primary source of food and products, the American bison, and the lands within and surrounding Yellowstone National Park, according to its website.

Ken Burns To Spotlight The American Buffalo In New Film

It will take viewers on a journey through more than 10,000 years of North American history and across some of the continent’s most iconic landscapes, tracing the mammal’s evolution, its significance to the Great Plains, and its relationship to the Indigenous People of North America.

NY Times – 52 Places to Go in 2023 Including Montana’s American Prairie Reserve

With its wide-open skies and boundless horizons, American Prairie is ideal for visitors seeking a respite from the fast pace of modern life.

Montana’s American Prairie Adds Over 3,400 Acres in 2022

Land acquisitions expand habitat base stewarded by organization to more than 455,000 acres

Montana’s American Prairie Distributes More Bison to Tribal Nations

45 Bison Transferred to Tribes in Montana and Washington State

American Prairie establishes national discovery center in the heart of Lewistown, Montana despite pushback

American Prairie is an organization that sees Montana’s future tied to two unchanging truths: Folks will come from all over to see the big skies and wide open prairies. And without efforts to conserve the land, the entire state may be in trouble.

CBS 60 Minutes – American Prairie: Creating a huge new nature reserve in Montana

The United States has national parks devoted to canyons and deserts, glaciers and geysers; even underwater coral reefs. 63 national parks in all.

But somehow, we skipped the American prairie. The grasslands that once stretched from the Mississippi River to the Rockies played a vital role in the lives of Native Americans, White settlers, and an endless variety of wildlife. They inspired explorers and artists, but apparently not park planners.

A Wild Idea – American Prairie Reserve – How Conservationist Ali Fox ’02 {Dartmouth) is making the Great Plains great again in Montana

Last year local ranchers trucked in hay from as far as the Midwest to feed their cattle. Some sold their herds, and if the drought doesn’t break, more selloffs are expected.

Protecting bison is critical to Native American ecosystem, culture

Bison were once near extinction. Now, they’re coming back.

Montana Governor, AG, stockgrowers association aren’t using science while ignoring public opinion

Whether intentional or not, that’s exactly what they’re doing by appealing the Bureau of Land Management’s  decision to graze bison on public land, a request made by American Prairie.