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The Montana-based American Prairie Reserve Sees Record Visitation for Third Straight Year. Online lodging reservation system opens February 11

“There is no better way to experience the prairie than using our public facilities as basecamps for exploring this vast landscape,” said Kautz. “With our year over year visitation continuing to double, I’d highly recommend visitors make reservations early to secure their hut, cabin or campsite.”

New American Prairie purchase will open up nearly 10,000 acres to the public

Famous 73 Ranch spans two counties along Musselshell River

Montana’s American Prairie Reserve Purchases 73 Ranch – – Land acquisition expands habitat base stewarded by organization to more than 450,000 acres – that’s about 700 Square Miles

“This purchase will further our mission to grow a contiguous habitat area, which is essential to restoring ecosystem biodiversity on the prairie.”

American Prairie buys 32,003 acre Musselshell ranch that BLM deemed too expensive for it to acquire.

The BLM backed out of the purchase when its government-directed appraisal did not meet the sellers’ price demand.

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, AG Knudsen try to stop American Prairie’s bison through political pressure

Biology, law may be on conservation group’s side, but that’s not stopping leaders from pressuring the BLM

Gov. Gianforte, Montana State Agencies Blast BLM Over Its American Prairie Reserve Bison Grazing Proposal

Gov. Gianforte wrote. “Any action that could threaten the stability of Montana’s livestock industry, its ability to market healthy products, or the strength of its socioeconomic fabric deserves to be fully vetted and analyzed in an honest, thorough manner.”

Announcing a New Look for American Prairie in Montana

As we look forward to our next 20 years, we are excited to announce a new image for our organization that celebrates our past and our future.

Why American Prairie’s plans are good for Montana 

Lately, deliberate misrepresentations have been circulating regarding American Prairie’s proposal to graze bison on six federal allotments in Phillips County. While most Montanan’s who have commented thus far clearly welcome our proposal, some remain committed to a misinformation campaign based on rumors and misdirection. This only serves to perpetuate divisions and erode our civic fabric. As such, I am compelled to set the record straight. 

American Prairie Reserve Celebrates 20 Years, 420,000 acres and counting

In this spirit, we will be refreshing the American Prairie brand. While our mission and work remain the same, our look will be evolving to reflect the vast beauty and diversity of life that has captivated the prairie’s visitors for millennia. Stay tuned!

Montana’s American Prairie Reserve Opens More Acres to Hunting

Nonprofit organization provides public opportunities to harvest bison and hunt elk