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Cattle, bison can coexist just fine in Montana

The reality is American Prairie leases more than 80 percent of their lands back to local ranchers and supports around 10,000 head of cattle with that grass. There are far more significant economic stressors making life challenging for ranchers.

Badlands and barbed wire: Conservationists re-wild Montana’s prairies and pronghorn

It might surprise some to learn that Montana’s largest National Wildlife Refuge doesn’t contain a single mountain. Instead, all 1.1 million acres of the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, or CMR, consists of sweeping prairie encompassing the massive Fort Peck Reservoir and rugged, impassable badlands that spin the land into a labyrinth of gumbo hills and plummeting draws.

Five innovations helping charities

From an NFT marketplace for good causes, to an app that connects donors to the homeless, discover innovations that are helping charities and non-profits to thrive

Montana Governor Gianforte appeals BLM decision on American Prairie bison grazing

“Given the level of public interest in the proposal, BLM initiated an increased effort to engage local and state cooperators and the interested public to the greatest extent possible. Consultation, cooperation and coordination requirements were met, or exceeded prior to (issuing this decision),” Darrington wrote.

American Prairie education center highlights downtown Lewistown, Montana

In the heart of Montana’s “Save the Cowboys” country, the nonprofit American Prairie has established a state-of-the-art educational center in a historic downtown building.

Montana’s American Prairie Reserve restores wildlife and creates access for the public

Every person in Montana (and the World), regardless of income, deserves an opportunity to enjoy Montana’s  great outdoors.

The Beauty and Opportunity of Isolation in Montana – The American Prairie Reserve (APR)

In my view, the American Prairie Reserve is an extraordinarily enlightened organization and it has bent over backwards in every way to respect, understand and accommodate the ranch and town concerns of the region. If the APR achieves its vision, the 3.5 million acre buffalo reserve will attract hundreds of thousands, even millions, of eco-tourists from all over the world, new enterprises on the main streets of Malta, Jordan and Lewistown, and wind up being one of the most noteworthy success stories in the history of rural redevelopment.

Montana’s American Prairie Reserve Receives Final Approval For Bison Grazing Plan

Final decision restores wildlife, improves land health, and complies with all laws

Meet the UK’s New Woodland Rangers: a Herd of Wild Bison

A rewilding project in Kent thinks that introducing bison to the UK can supercharge biodiversity. But how wild can introduced animals ever be?

American Prairie Unlocks More Public Land in Montana and Adds More Acres to Hunting

The inclusion of the 73 expands American Prairie’s total enrollment in the Block Management program to 79,476 acres for the upcoming hunting season. That’s a 15% increase over the previous year and is spread across ten diverse block management units including Blue Ridge, White Rock, and the PN.