Montana Governor Gianforte appeals BLM decision on American Prairie bison grazing

American Prairie Reserve

Gov. Greg Gianforte has appealed the Bureau of Land Management’s decision to allow American Prairie to graze bison on 63,500 acres of land in Phillips County, according to a filing submitted Thursday and included in a Monday press release.

State land makes up some of the acreage which is managed by the federal government. The decision, green lit in late July, meant that American Prairie will gradually increase its bison herd from 800 to around 1,000 in the next three years.

By: Daily Montanan Staff

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Montana’s American Prairie Reserve restores wildlife and creates access for the public

Every person in Montana (and the World), regardless of income, deserves an opportunity to enjoy Montana’s  great outdoors.

The Beauty and Opportunity of Isolation in Montana – The American Prairie Reserve (APR)

In my view, the American Prairie Reserve is an extraordinarily enlightened organization and it has bent over backwards in every way to respect, understand and accommodate the ranch and town concerns of the region. If the APR achieves its vision, the 3.5 million acre buffalo reserve will attract hundreds of thousands, even millions, of eco-tourists from all over the world, new enterprises on the main streets of Malta, Jordan and Lewistown, and wind up being one of the most noteworthy success stories in the history of rural redevelopment.

Montana’s American Prairie Reserve Receives Final Approval For Bison Grazing Plan

Final decision restores wildlife, improves land health, and complies with all laws

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