American Prairie

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Montana’s American Prairie Reserve restores wildlife and creates access for the public

Every person in Montana (and the World), regardless of income, deserves an opportunity to enjoy Montana’s  great outdoors.

The Beauty and Opportunity of Isolation in Montana – The American Prairie Reserve (APR)

In my view, the American Prairie Reserve is an extraordinarily enlightened organization and it has bent over backwards in every way to respect, understand and accommodate the ranch and town concerns of the region. If the APR achieves its vision, the 3.5 million acre buffalo reserve will attract hundreds of thousands, even millions, of eco-tourists from all over the world, new enterprises on the main streets of Malta, Jordan and Lewistown, and wind up being one of the most noteworthy success stories in the history of rural redevelopment.

Montana’s American Prairie Reserve Receives Final Approval For Bison Grazing Plan

Final decision restores wildlife, improves land health, and complies with all laws

Meet the UK’s New Woodland Rangers: a Herd of Wild Bison

A rewilding project in Kent thinks that introducing bison to the UK can supercharge biodiversity. But how wild can introduced animals ever be?

American Prairie Unlocks More Public Land in Montana and Adds More Acres to Hunting

The inclusion of the 73 expands American Prairie’s total enrollment in the Block Management program to 79,476 acres for the upcoming hunting season. That’s a 15% increase over the previous year and is spread across ten diverse block management units including Blue Ridge, White Rock, and the PN.

A tour of the American Prairie National Discovery Center in Lewistown, Montana

“It is a unique place to have a National Discovery Center,” said David Cunningham, the center’s director. “But we wanted to be fairly close to the Prairie so we can get people to come in here to learn more. And then it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump up to the area the Prairie is.”

Montana Career Opportunities – Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Travel & Events Coordinator, Volunteer Caretaker and more… – American Prairie Reserve

Join one of the most exciting and ambitious conservation projects in the world while directly supporting our mission to create a vast refuge for people and wildlife preserved forever as part of America’s heritage. American…

BLM Approves Montana’s American Prairie Reserve Bison Grazing Application

Republicans including Gov. Greg Gianforte and Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen sharply criticized federal officials after American Prairie Reserve received preliminary approval last August

In South Dakota, a Tribal Nation Owns the Largest Native-Managed Buffalo Herd in the World

The buffalo has historical and cultural significance for the Lakota people, but the restoration efforts can help mitigate environmental issues as well.

The American Prairie National Discovery Center in Lewistown, Montana

Like many large-scale parks and protected natural areas across the globe, American Prairie now has a central gathering place for visitors from around the world.