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When the Bison Come Back, Will the Ecosystem Follow?

An effort to bring wild bison to the Great Plains aims to restore one of the world’s most endangered ecosystems.

Montana’s American Prairie Reserve Grows by 800 Acres

This parcel is American Prairie’s 32nd land acquisition and brings the conservation organization’s total deeded and leased acres to 420,425.

Eruption: How Human Development Is Degrading The American Serengeti – Please support The American Prairie Reserve

Big blowups: Stunning visuals from Google Earth show how private land development and resource extraction on public lands are harming wildlife in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Let’s come to the table rather than resort to government intervention – American Prairie Reserve

To the many nonprofit representatives and other fellow landowners who stood up against this bill, thank you. We hope that the defeat of HB 677 can create a path forward that includes bringing stakeholders to the table to create solutions that work for all Montanans.

Gazette opinion: Anti American Prairie Reserve bill’s defeat is good news for Montana

If a rancher wants or needs to sell, for whatever personal reason he or she may have, the government has no business getting in the middle of that transaction.

Montana bill aims to limit nonprofit land buys; opponents see infringement on property rights

That was the one thing both opponents and proponents seemed to agree on — the bill would stop ag land sales.

Montana’s American Prairie Reserve’s popularity with campers grew in 2020

“Word of this pretty unique prairie experience we offer is quickly spreading,” Kautz said. “We fully expect our reservation inventory to fill up quickly this year.”

American Prairie Reserve Partners with Native Nations to Further Bison Conservation

The Montana-based non-profit often distributes bison to organizations starting new herds and to enhance the genetic health of conservation and tribal herds around the country. American Prairie is one of only a handful of conservation bison herds in North America that are free of cattle gene introgression.

American Prairie Reserve Sees Record Visitation for 2020. Lodging reservation system now open for 2021

The majority of people visiting the Reserve are Montanans.

Phillips County, American Prairie Reserve settle bison grazing dispute

Attorney Jack Conners, representing the Interveners, said, “[Through this process] we learned more about what [APR is] asking for and that made us more comfortable with what they are asking for.”

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