Regional Economic Development

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Building a coast-to-coast Silicon Valley

What if Silicon Valley companies encouraged them to live and work from the myriad of affordable, livable cities desperate to attract and retain tech talent?

WGA – COVID-19 Economic Impacts and Mitigation in Rural Communities: State and Local (Part III) – 5/15 – 11AM

This webinar will provide perspectives from business owners and lenders on the rollout of federal aid for small businesses, including obstacles that have limited their effectiveness, and what’s needed next.

The Economic Impacts of Covid-19 in Montana Preliminary Analysis April 2020

The question posed by this analysis is: what does the revised level and composition of national economic activity mean for the Montana economy? Our principal findings are that:

Montana Business Quarterly Spring Issue

The Bureau of Business and Economic Research has been providing information about Montana’s state and local economies for more than 70 years. Located at the University of Montana, the bureau is the research and public service branch of the College of Business.

How a new Electric utility company model can expand broadband access across communities

The electric utility company expands its fiber optic network to improve its own electric and information services, then leases the excess fiber capacity to an ISP.

Invest in Butte by Voting “Yes” on the Economic Development Mill

This spring on your ballot is an initiative to support the continuation of a program that has supported many of the businesses and events that many us care for in our community.

Amsterdam is now using the ‘doughnut’ model of economics. Is your city and state listening?

It’s a simple way to illustrate an economic system where the city doesn’t let anyone fall into poverty, while also living within a sustainable environmental footprint.

The National Association of Counties (NACo) Launches We Are Counties Campaign – Help Us Tell Your Story

NACo’s We Are Counties campaign aims to put faces on the many frontline services counties provide, and we need your help.

“What if we rebuild better?”

We’ve been saying that the world is getting smaller, but recent events are proving that out, to our grim detriment.

Rural Counties That Are Active Online Have Higher Incomes

When the number of “online ventures” goes up, so does the county’s prosperity.