Regional Economic Development

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The National Association of Counties (NACo) Launches We Are Counties Campaign – Help Us Tell Your Story

NACo’s We Are Counties campaign aims to put faces on the many frontline services counties provide, and we need your help.

“What if we rebuild better?”

We’ve been saying that the world is getting smaller, but recent events are proving that out, to our grim detriment.

Rural Counties That Are Active Online Have Higher Incomes

When the number of “online ventures” goes up, so does the county’s prosperity. 

‘It’s Time to Build’ by Marc Andreessen

There is only one way to honor their legacy and to create the future we want for our own children and grandchildren, and that’s to build.

Will COVID-19 rebalance America’s uneven economic geography? Don’t bet on it.

In fact, the pandemic might intensify the unevenness of America’s divergent economy, with disturbing implications.

International Economic Development Council – Updates on Covid 19

Last week, IEDC sent out an update on the evolving federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While Congress remains in recess, work continues on the next piece or pieces of legislation. It is critical that your elected officials in Washington hear from you now. 

Why Can’t We Build Infrastructure Cheaply, Quickly and Well?

We have a loose consensus in America on factors that drive costs and time up and quality down. What we don’t have is consensus on how to get those factors under control.

What Could Be in a Post-Virus Infrastructure Plan?

Will there be a new round of infrastructure projects coming soon? If so, what do the proposals over past few years teach us about what may be included? Let’s explore.

Next week will feature three Western Governors’ Association-hosted webinars in connection with the Reimagining the Rural West Initiative of Gov. Doug Burgum.

The Western Governors’ Association represents the Governors of 19 Western states and 3 U.S.-flag islands.

Build Cities for Bikes, Buses, and Feet—Not Cars

San Francisco’s MTA boss Jeff Tumlin is one of a new breed of planner trying to kick cars out of the city. That’s good for business, good for people, and amazing for the planet.