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How to improve employee retention

Question: We offer competitive salaries for our industry and do fairly well hiring new employees. However, we still struggle to keep employees long-term. What are some benefit options that could help improve employee retention? – Nelson

Midwest states launch new rail service, 12 years in the making

They hope other new projects can come online quicker.

It’s Member Week at Strong Towns ARTICLES || PODCASTS || EVENTS

“State College Chose Parking Over People. The People Fought Back.”

‘Mini town’ with attainable housing, agrihood planned for Missoula’s Wye

Recent demographics suggest the greater Missoula area will need more than 8,000 new homes over the next decade to keep pace with the population growth and the Wye, in the years to come, could accommodate up to 15,000 new homes.

The ‘silver tsunami’ is here. Is government ready?

About 10,000 Americans are turning 65 every day. As the nation’s aging population continues to climb, states and the federal government are working to get plans in place to care for older adults.

Montana’s Headwaters Hub

The Headwaters Hub will capitalize on the region’s existing commitment to market-driven innovation—and status as home to dozens of photonics companies—to overcome barriers to the advancement and broad adoption of autonomous technologies in critical use areas that are vital to the United States’ economic and national security.

Rural Universities Experiment with ‘Innovation Hubs’

What if rural communities could create hubs that bring together such ideas, and potentially lead to building new local businesses as well?

GFDA Top Fifteen for 6-9-24

GFDA closed two loans this week to high mission businesses.

Just 4% of plastic in the U.S. is recycled. – Creating a throw-away culture: How companies ingrained plastics in modern life

Now, faced with spiraling plastic pollution, the U.N has set out to write a legally-binding agreement to deal with the problem. But the negotiations are fraught.

Optimize Your Incentivized Campaigns With Sweeplift

SweepLift integrates ad platforms, qualification surveys, demo videos, and CRM marketing automation.