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Elon Musk says Starlink internet private beta to begin in roughly three months, public beta in six

Starlink ultimately aims to provide low-cost, high speed broadband connectivity to customers globally, with the specific goal of offering service to customers who don’t currently have reliable or quality access due to their remote location.

We Really Weren’t Ready to Work From Home

There’s much more to working remotely than videoconferencing.

David Attenborough to Teach Virtual Geography Lessons to Kids in Quarantine

As part of the BBC’s star-studded “Bitesize Daily” educational series

From Lolo, Montana to Finland: Nest cams at Dunrovin Ranch go global

The Awesome Osprey Classroom is the brainchild of SuzAnne Miller, and it’s the culmination of years of dreaming while turning her own nest cams at Dunrovin Ranch in Lolo into learning and living centers for schools, senior homes and whoever else wants to click on.

Working Remotely in Slack: Getting Started – 4/23 – 12:00PM

Whether you work remotely 100% of the time or find yourself navigating this situation for the very first time, working at a physical distance can pose a unique set of challenges. Slack is here to help.

Five Biggest Challenges Businesses Face Working Through COVID-19 – 4/22 – 10AM

We decided to put together a webinar to help businesses cope a little bit better.

Montana among the first? – Computer modelers estimate how much longer coronavirus shutdowns should last

Based on the current projections from UW’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, four states — Montana, Vermont, West Virginia and Hawaii — could loosen their restrictions as early as the week of May 4. Other states, ranging from Massachusetts and North Dakota to Arizona, may have to wait until the week of June 8 or later.

Virtually Recapping of Idaho’s 2020 Legislative Session With The City Club Of Boise

The discussion took place via Zoom meeting to respect social distancing and attendees asked questions via chat and e-mail.

Would you give up health or location data to return to work?

To ensure new cases don’t overwhelm hospital capacity, any plans to relax lockdowns will include provisions to track infections.

YouTube offers small businesses a free tool to create videos

The tool is aimed at small businesses that “don’t have resources to create videos from scratch,” may not have the experience building video or just don’t have the staffing to do so.The tool is free to use, and no ad spend is required.