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New 2024 Great Falls Housing Market Demand Assessment

Bottom line: the data says we need more housing.

Values, Passion, or Purpose — Which Should Guide Your Career?

Identifying and understanding our values, passion, and purpose takes introspection and self-discovery. It requires us to examine our beliefs and motivations to gain clarity on what truly matters to us. And that’s only the first step.

Ancient trees reveal last summer hottest in 2,000 years

Clues hidden deep in the trunks of ancient trees have revealed that last summer was the northern hemisphere’s hottest in 2,000 years.

Sen. Jon Tester

BREAKING:Montana Senator Jon Tester Successfully Pushes Postal Service to Stand Down on Missoula Processing Center Consolidation

“Montanans sent me to the Senate to defend rural America and make sure our state doesn’t get left behind, and that’s exactly why I told Postmaster DeJoy that plans to move Missoula’s outgoing mail processing out-of-state were a complete nonstarter,” said Tester.

GFDA – Upcoming Trainings: Government Contracting Certifications, Business Financials, and more!

Are you a small or disadvantaged business looking to unlock new opportunities in government contracting? Join Great Falls APEX for an informative session where we will be joined by Small Business Specialists for the Department of Transportation with the Civil Rights Bureau. Learn how to obtain and maintain the DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise for 51% woman or minority owned) and SBE (Small Business Enterprise for 50/50 husband/wife or 100% white male owned) state certifications.

This is how we finally end the 40-hour, 5-day workweek

California Congressperson Mark Takano, who introduced a 32-hour workweek bill, discusses how we can transform the way we think about our work schedules.

Suddenly There Aren’t Enough Babies. The Whole World Is Alarmed.

The world is at a startling demographic milestone. Sometime soon, the global fertility rate will drop below the point needed to keep population constant. It may have already happened.

Residents seeking to regulate single-use plastic in Missoula

“By taking action at the local level to reduce plastic, we’re not only doing what is best for our environment, but also what is best for our communities now and in the future,” Missoula resident and leader in the national Zero Waste movement and plaintiff Jeremy Drake said in a release, “this action is consistent with the City of Missoula’s ZERO by FIFTY Pathway to Zero Waste Plan and will help move the city closer to its Zero Waste goal.”

Students in Billings gain small business experience through Spring Market Day

Over in Billings, local high school students got to take part in what is known as Market Day, designed to teach kids about operating a small business through hands-on experience and person to person interaction.

Bozeman organizers work to get single-use plastic initiative on ballot

And Bozeman isn’t the only city in Montana where single-use plastic is on the chopping block. Gracey said organizers in Missoula and Billings have plans to submit similar petitions.