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Monday morning conversation: Transportation planning in Missoula – Bikes to Rail to Beyond

“I think it will make it a more attractive place, at least what the planners are telling us. That’s the goal of the changes if they come to fruition.”

Today’s TED Talk – A future with fewer cars

What if your car could drop you off and then find parking by itself? According to electric vehicle entrepreneur Freeman H. Shen, this technology already exists. He shares his vision for a future where AI-powered electric vehicles will solve many of the problems cars currently cause, like smog, traffic congestion, accidents and, yes, endlessly circling the block looking for somewhere to park.

Electric scooters are on a roll in Great Falls

Bird scooters generally cost $1 to unlock; the per-minute cost to ride varies between cities. According to the Bird app, the cost in Great Falls is 39 cents per minute, and the minimum per-ride cost is $3.50 .

The Perverse Reason It’s Easier to Build New Highways Than New Subways

The environment?!

Opel drives between motorscooter and small car with Rocks-e urban microEV

It rides on 14-inch wheels, benefits from a tight turning circle of 7.2 m (23.6 ft), and should be able to park in places where drivers of full-sized EVs would only glance, and move on.

The Future of Manufacturing – Tesla Factory in Shanghai – What would Henry Ford Think?

The company recently released a video on its Weibo channel. It was shared on a YouTube channel by another user and shows the myriad of things that happen inside the factory before a Tesla car rolls out.

German Company Makes Concrete to Charge Electric Vehicles From Roads With 95% Efficiency and Low Cost

Indiana could be the first state in the Union to have a wireless charging road that tops up your electric vehicle as you drive along it.

Transforming Transportation in Montana’s Flathead Valley

Flathead Valley municipalities are drafting transportation plans for the next 20 years to address growth and create a logical transit network

Petaluma becomes first US city to ban new gas stations

A small group of activists is driving the conversation about climate change in new directions with a push against establishing new gas stations.

Waymo is now offering free rides in their autonomous vehicles in SF. I rode in one.

Not once during the ride did I feel unsafe. Though I wouldn’t say I’m entirely trustful of current autonomous vehicle technology, with the driver up front, I never fretted we’d be in grave danger.