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When a Missoula road became a highway

“It’s close to gridlock,” Weaver told the Missoulian’s Michael Downs. “It’s the worst congestion I’ve ever seen in Missoula.”

Speed Limit Reform Spreading Across Minnesota – Two of the cities are planning to set some speed limits as low as 20 mph.

After the Twin Cities lowered speed limits in the urban core of the region in 2020, a trio of suburban cities are planning to follow. Two of the cities are planning to set some speed limits as low as 20 mph.

The future is electric, with California leading the way – Governor Gavin Newsom

Our steadfast commitment to zero-emission vehicles takes into account that transportation is an integral part of our way of life and reduces harm to the air we breathe and the planet we leave for our kids’ future.

What Dallas, Houston, Louisville & Rochester can teach us about widening freeways: Don’t!

Lesson #1: Add as many lanes as you like, you’ll just get more traffic and congestion.

States Show Limited Progress With Electric Vehicle Policies

A new scorecard ranks state progress toward making EVs the norm. With transportation accounting for 28 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, more needs to be done to meet Paris Accord emission targets.

We use 6.8 billion face masks a day. Researchers want to turn them into roads

And the roads could be even stronger than traditional roads, according to new research in the journal ‘Science of the Total Environment.’

Amtrak Proposes Five New Routes in Ohio – TODAY! – Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority Board Meeting Friday, Feb. 5, 2021 – 9 to 11 a.m. – Online

The nation’s most populous state without an intercity passenger rail program could be the benefit of ambitions to expand the network of Amtrak service around the country.

Apple Car will initially be driverless, report says

The vehicle will “not be designed to have a driver.” Instead, it will be an electric, autonomous car that’s “focused on the last mile.”

Montana passenger train advocates look southward

After forming a statewide passenger rail authority, backers now turn to Congress to form a multi-state coalition based on a similar effort on the Gulf Coast.

Powerpaste packs clean hydrogen energy in a safe, convenient gray goop

Fraunhofer researchers have presented a magnesium-based “Powerpaste” that stores hydrogen energy at 10 times the density of a lithium battery, offering hydrogen fuel cell vehicles the ability to travel further than gasoline-powered ones, and refuel in minutes.