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Let’s End Traffic Stops

“Should NHTSA take into consideration systems, such as intelligent speed assist systems, which determine current speed limits and warn the driver or adjust the maximum traveling speed accordingly?” the agency asks tentatively, inviting feedback from the public.

End the Parking Mandates and Subsidies That Are Hurting Our Cities

Cities like yours, everywhere, require high-potential land be squandered on parking spaces. It’s unnecessary. It’s expensive. These parking mandates are hobbling your city’s efforts to grow stronger and more resilient.

Roads need sunscreen too: Adding old tires to roads could help them last twice as long

A team of engineers found that adding crumb rubber from old tires can protect roads from damaging UV rays.

Oregon to Reform Parking Requirements in 52 Cities

Oregon’s Land Conservation and Development Commission is in the process of approving a major reform package of land use regulations that would give 52 cities in the state options for rolling back parking regulations.

Biden-Harris Administration Takes Key Step Forward in Building a National Network of User-Friendly, Reliable, and Accessible Electric Vehicle Chargers

Other proposed requirements would help create a seamless national network of EV charging infrastructure that could communicate and operate on the same software platforms from one state to another; address traffic control devices and on-premise signage; data submittal requirements to help create a public EV charging database; and network connectivity requirements to allow for secure remote monitoring, diagnostics, control, and updates.

Less Parking Could Mean More Housing

Citing environmental concerns and a lack of housing, an increasing number of cities and some West Coast states are reconsidering mandates that all homes, offices and businesses offer a minimum number of parking spots for residents, workers and customers.

A Business Case for Dropping Parking Minimums

In the smallest of towns and the biggest of cities, these new zoning reform policies help boost small businesses, promote housing development, and put people over parking.

Ford surprises F-150 Lightning owners with accessory that can recharge stranded Teslas

‘F-150 Lightning customers can lend a hand if needed’

New Model Finds Best Sites for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a computational model that can be used to determine the optimal places for locating electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities, as well as how powerful the charging stations can be without placing an undue burden on the local power grid.

Why Every City Needs a Car Master Plan

Countless communities across America say they’re planning for a future where more residents walk, bike, and roll to get around. So why do transportation leaders spend so much time drafting “pedestrian master plans” and “bike master plans” without accompanying “car master plans” aimed at building a world where fewer people get behind the wheel?

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