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This year will be huge for electric cars — here’s why

Seven new EVs coming in 2021 and what they tell us about this massive sea change in the auto industry

A Framework for Shaping the Deployment of Autonomous Vehicles and Advancing Equity Outcomes

AV technology has the potential to have major impacts on cities, both positive and negative. AVs could increase safety and help reduce congestion and pollution, but they could very well exacerbate existing inequities if they are simply layered on to the transportation ecosystems that exist today.

Sweden Imagines Life After Cars With ‘One-Minute Cities’

“We believe that streets can be more optimized considering the needs of humans and nature. Today, streets are mainly designed for cars, leaving little or no space for other activities. It’s not sustainable.”

The Future of Transportation – Subscription Demand – is Coming – Uber riders might be able to hail self-driving Toyota minivans with help of Aurora

Aurora announced Tuesday that by the end of this year it’ll design, build, and start testing a fleet of self-driving Toyota Sienna minivans.

United Airlines will buy up to 200 small electric air taxis to help customers in urban areas get to the airport.

Aviation is a small contributor to greenhouse gases that cause climate change, but its share of the problem is growing rapidly.

Why one city in car-obsessed Florida is prioritizing pedestrians

Developers in Tampa have designed a community that mimics walkable neighborhoods such as Barcelona’s Las Ramblas.

Amtrak’s Proposed ‘Corridor’ Expansion, Explained

Even while dealing with the economic fallout of the pandemic, Amtrak is forging forward with plans to expand intercity rail passenger service around the country.

The FAA Has Cleared the World’s First Flying Car for Takeoff

Terrafugia’s Transition has a Special Light-Sport Aircraft certificate, but the US company needs to finish the car to make it street legal.

To Meet Climate Goals, Think Outside the Electric Car

If we are serious about curbing emissions, we must end the practice of allowing states to build new fossil-fuel-intensive highways or expansions while ignoring the backlog of maintenance needs for our deteriorating existing roads and bridges. Repair must be the first priority.

From Portugal to New York, Montana’s southern passenger rail efforts draw attention

Montana’s efforts to reboot a passenger rail line that ceased operations in 1979 has gained applause beyond the state, garnering both national and international attention.