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Rural Roads Face $211 Billion Backlog in Repairs and Improvements

At the same time, states transportation revenues are anticipated to see a $50 billion decrease in revenues leaving experts to question whether rural roads will see any improvements at all in the coming year

How Will Americans Commute After Lockdowns End?

Will car traffic surge as lockdowns end, or will millions of Americans decide to bike, walk, or work from home permanently?

Tesla’s secret batteries aim to rework the math for electric cars and the grid

New, low-cost batteries designed to last for a million miles of use and enable electric Teslas to sell profitably for the same price or less than a gasoline vehicle are just part of Musk’s agenda, people familiar with the plans told Reuters.

Harvard Business School Podcast- Autonomous Vehicles Are Ready to Disrupt Society, Business—and You

“They’ve got to be as safe as human drivers.” Then we quickly realize, no, they’ve got to be better. We hold technology to a higher standard. Then I start putting up on the board 99.999…

15 Extraordinary and Futuristic Truck Designs

These 15 cool truck designs might just be the future of truck design.

Scalable wireless charging system could power EVs on the move

Being able to roll along the highway and have the batteries charge as you go would be a much better way, and a new development out of Stanford could see that happening.

Why self-driving cars will need sensor infrastructure on roads

Here are the ways sensors embedded in city streets can make driving conditions safer and help eventually put autonomous vehicles on the road.

Cars could go completely driverless ‘very soon,’ says CEO of Chinese autonomous driving tech start-up

Our goal is not to just make (it) as safe as human beings, but going one step forward to really make … a superhuman safety standard.

Paris Has a Plan to Keep Cars Out After Lockdown

As the city prepares to end lockdown, Mayor Anne Hidalgo plans to use bike lanes, buses, and social distancing to keep more cars off the roads and reduce pollution.

After COVID, telecommuting could play a role in easing Missoula’s traffic challenge

Future transportation needs won’t look the same in the post-pandemic era.