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Potholes, lack of clear lane delineation, and overall poor infrastructure are preventing us from getting to the next autonomous step.

In addition to perfecting the technology required for them, there are a number of other factors standing in the way.
They include poor road infrastructure, the communication systems needed to connect these cars with one another, and the additional traffic laws needed to regulate these vehicles.

Secretary Buttigieg addresses EV Chargers, local airports, and the possible reinstation of the Hiawatha Amtrak route

Today was the final day of the Western Governors, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg spoke delivering a final update to the governors present.

This Artificial Intelligence Bot is Designing Better Streets Than Some Engineers

A New York City-based artist is rapidly transforming U.S. streets into walkable paradises with the help of artificial intelligence, and breaking down Americans’ stubborn inability to imagine how their communities could be designed around people instead of automobiles.

How Cargo Bikes Can Help Women

“The bikes’ added capacity for carrying kids, pets, or groceries makes trip chaining by bike easier, especially with newer bikes outfitted with e-motor capabilities. As their use has spread, they’ve proven to be an effective means of closing the gender mobility gap for women.”

Can Auto Enthusiasts Help Fight Car Dependency?

A new video about the dangers of car dependency by a popular automotive vlogger is prompting a conversation about how people who love cars can help dismantle a transportation system that privileges autos above all else.

Missoula bikers, pedestrians confront alarming crash trends

Between 2019 and 2021, the Missoula Police Department took 172 reports of accidents between vehicles and pedestrians or cyclists. Of those, 95 involved bikes and 77 were between vehicles and pedestrians.

How Will Road Infrastructure Change In The Next 30 (10 or sooner?) Years? The End of Carcatecture.

“While people have talked about it, we’re at this moment now — especially with the infrastructure bill — that’s the once-in-a-generation opportunity,”

We Spent $95 To Drive 2,700 Miles On A Summer Roadtrip. Life With An EV Is Sweet Indeed

What blew our mind is how little we spent on fuel for our vacation. While the rest of the gas-bound world winces each time they fill up at the gas pump, the electric fuel for the thousands of miles we drove didn’t even come to $100.

New Mexico Submits First Infrastructure Bill EV Charging Plan, Ignorance Breeds Controversy

The plan wasn’t without controversy, as many in the state and even journalists just don’t understand the complexities of government and the process.

Look Ma, No Steering Wheel… Self-Driving Cars Are Coming To San Francisco

Cruise plans to launch the service gradually with a fleet of just 30 cars. The first robotaxis will be modified versions of GM’s Chevrolet Bolt. However, the company is seeking approval to get its custom-built Cruise Origin on public roads. The autonomous electric vehicle has no steering wheel or pedals and can attain highway speeds. The car’s roomy interior is fitted with seats that face each other.