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How a ‘City Bus Manager’ Video Game Could Become an Advocacy Tool

A new video game releasing today will challenge players to successfully run a virtual version of their city’s bus network — and the developers behind it hope it can create a new generation of transit advocates, even as they acknowledge that the complex reality of a city transportation network can’t be gamified.

In France, all large parking lots now have to be covered by solar panels

In France, solar just got a huge boost from new legislation approved through the Senate this week that requires all parking lots with spaces for at least 80 vehicles – both existing and new – be covered by solar panels.

The Reason Service Vehicles Like Ambulances and Fire Trucks Have Chains Hanging From the Bottom – Why can’t cars have these?

Unlike many of life’s disappointing explanations for mysteries, the reason behind them is actually pretty neat.

MYTH: Driver error causes 94% of crashes – Learn more about the Crash Analysis Studio

Here’s your chance to help establish a new standard of care for traffic fatalities. We’re turning the standard approach to addressing traffic fatalities on its head by looking not just at driver fault, but at every design factor involved in a given crash. Learn more about the Crash Analysis Studio on the Strong Towns website today.

Opening of Missoula’s Chick-fil-A prompts traffic concerns for North Reserve Street – Please Join A Walking Audit to Missoula’s Chick-fil-A on Reserve Street – 11/22 – Big Sky Commerce

If you have been to a Chick-Fil-A restaurant, you know the lines are long and the Missoula location will probably be no different.

Smart Cities from Emerging Technology – How many is your community considering?

We’ve written 10 stories that explore how cities and companies think tech fits into the vibrant, complex, and human world of urban life.

New biopolymer gives asphalt roads a soybean-based-boost

It’s being offered in several variants, including one for use in virgin asphalt, one that allows a greater amount of recycled asphalt to be used in roads, and one that helps rejuvenate asphalt shingles.

Postponed Until April 2023 – A Walking Audit to Missoula’s Chick-fil-A on Reserve Street – 11/22 – Big Sky Commerce


What happens to stolen catalytic converters? A look inside one $38 million California crime ring

Metal recyclers accused of orchestrating a multimillion-dollar, cross-country crime ring grew so successful trading catalytic converters that had been sawed from vehicles that they had a specialized phone app providing real-time prices for the stolen precious metals.

The Gas Station’s Hidden Battle to Survive

Electric vehicles are changing the way Americans fuel up. Will it mean the end of the gas station?