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Billings invites public input on urban area long-range transportation plan

Public input is important to this community mobility effort. The public is invited to provide input using the interactive map on the project website: The deadline for the first round of public participation is November 11.

35 Years of Montana Rail Link

Over the course of MRL’s 35 years, it had become one of the most popular regional roads in the country among railroad enthusiasts. For one thing, the 600-mile former NP between Huntley, Mont. (just east of Billings, the state’s largest city), and Sandpoint, Idaho, is among the most scenic pieces of railroad in the country. Secondly, in its early years, MRL relied on a fleet of attractively painted first- and second-generation EMD locomotives, providing a bit of variety alongside Burlington Northern and later BNSF through freights. Even today, a few GP9s and SD45s soldier on alongside a fleet of SD70ACe locomotives that hold down most main line assignments.

Cruise Expands Robotaxi Service in San Francisco Massively

Cruise has just expanded quite massively and now covers almost all of San Francisco. That’s an impressive feat, and could signal a lot of potential for Cruise to go into numerous big cities and provide nearly complete coverage within its borders and suburbs.

What Is Bike Infrastructure?

Safe and comprehensive bike facilities play a crucial role in keeping vulnerable road users safe, promoting biking as an everyday transit mode, and reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion by encouraging a shift to more multimodal transportation.

New Approach Would Improve User Access to Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a dynamic computational tool to help improve user access to electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. The ultimate goal is to make EVs more attractive while removing some of the charging problems drivers face.

400-mile Electric GMC Sierra crab walks into the spotlight looking dashing

At over US$100,000, the first edition prices into Hummer territory, but the electric Sierra family will eventually grow to include a base model priced under half that.

European Union plans for only electric new vehicles by 2035 ‘without precedent’

“With these targets, we create clarity for the car industry and stimulate innovation and investments for car manufacturers,”

The road ahead for autonomous vehicles: Aurora CEO Chris Urmson on the future of cars and trucks

Fully autonomous vehicles are closer to commonplace than you might expect, as cars and big rigs gain the ability to operate safely on our streets and highways.

Crosswalks, roundabouts in Bozeman getting new signs to explain light patterns – How about in your community?

“If you have not seen them, the pattern of the lights begin with flashing yellow, followed by a solid yellow to warn drivers to prepare to stop. Solid red is next indicating you need to stop and remain stopped. The final pattern is a flashing red light which should be treated like a stop sign.”

Opinion: Candidates’ Commitment to Road Safety Should Be a Litmus Test For Voters

Leadership, action and courage is needed to address any crisis, and the same is true for mobility safety and accessibility. That is why it is crucial to recognize that traffic safety is a ballot issue when voting this year, and America needs leaders ready to make street safety a priority.