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Let’s Improve Missoula’s Reserve Street – Missoula mayoral applicants are encouraged to participate – 8/30 – 9AM – Zoom

Missoula mayoral applicants are encouraged to participate in our Aug. 30th Reserve St. Public Working Group meeting over Zoom. Citizens are interested in engaging with applicants and learning about why you’d like to serve. Meeting preregistration details are here.

In some cities, on-demand public transit is replacing old-fashioned buses

Transit agencies say they want to be more flexible and responsive, offering an alternative to riders who may face long bus waits and transfers. They’re also hoping to attract new riders who may not live along bus routes.

California moves toward banning new cars running only on gas by 2035

The major climate regulation to be proposed by the car-clogged state could have far-reaching effects on the auto industry

Summit Exploring Benefits of Re-establishing Montana Passenger Rail Services

Jim Mathews, CEO of Rail Passengers Association, says, “rural communities throughout the United States have really been left out of the national conversation in a million different ways and certainly one of them has to be transportation.”

Here’s What Happens When Countries Use Bikes to Fight Emissions

If everyone biked as much as the Dutch, we could cut nearly 700 million metric tons of carbon dioxide a year—the equivalent of most of Germany’s emissions. 

1st Vehicle-to-Grid System on NYC Grid Launches

The revenue from this program will help Revel to pay off the cost of its EVs sooner. It will also help ConEdison balance the grid and avoid grid blackouts or brownouts in, for example, the growing heatwaves hitting the city.

Rail summit could be major milestone in efforts to restore Montana passenger service – 8/22-23 – Online

In-person registration is SOLD OUT. Please join us online. Connection information will be sent to registrants before the event.

Wireless EV Charging Update: Siemens & MAHLE Team Up

“Wireless charging of electric vehicles is emerging as a major market for the future. In addition to making life considerably easier for drivers, who no longer have to fiddle with cables and connectors, it is a crucial requirement for the autonomous mobility of tomorrow.

Exotic Auto Manufacturer For Sale – Barchetta Business: Be Your Own Boss

His Barchetta 3500 pays homage to the vintage Maserati racers of yesteryear, offering the same care and attention to detail you would expect from something thoughtfully built to order. Each car takes between four and six months to construct and he typically builds just one car per year.

Police bust multi-state, $22M catalytic converter theft ring. Here’s how to protect yours. Does Montana Have any Laws to present this on the Books?

Police detectives in Beaverton, Oregon, said they’ve identified the man who orchestrated a $22 million catalytic converter trafficking operation based in Portland and spanning six states since January 2021. A Washington County grand jury indicted 14 people on racketeering, aggravated theft, money laundering and other charges on July 29, police said Thursday.