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Missoula Aims for Equity With Development Code Updates

The “Our Missoula Development Guide” is getting an update as the Montana deals with the contemporary pressures of population growth and gentrification.

Upgraded School Buses Linked to Increased Student Attendance

Replacing all of the oldest school buses in the nation could lead to 1.3 million fewer daily absences annually, according to a University of Michigan study.

Switzerland Set to Roll Out Solar Panels Between Railway Tracks–A World First

With the Swiss national railway network stretching beyond 2,000 miles of track, estimates place the amount of power generation at potentially beyond 1 terawatt hour or 2% of the entire gross annual consumption.

Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority April 12th Board Meeting – Online

BSPRA April Board Meeting with updates from all committees and a presentation from Amtrak Thruway Bus Service

The EV price wars have begun. Will Tesla be the Amazon of the automotive industry?

Tesla made a calculated move to take advantage of the industry’s highest gross margins as a result of their direct sales model, manufacturing technology and battery investments.

Climate Crisis: Why Climate Risk Is Financial Risk for Your Company

Witold Henisz, vice dean and faculty director of Wharton’s ESG initiative, talks about why businesses should pay attention to climate and ESG issues if they want long-term success.

Beyond Going Green, Here’s Why You Should Buy An EV

In a recent feature, Business Insider’s Tim Levin shared his thoughts on going electric after driving 24 different EVs. The story compiles Levin’s thoughts on why buyers should go electric, including his experience from driving EVs from brands such as Tesla, Volkswagen, Rivian, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes, and more.

No driver? No problem. Robotaxis eye San Francisco expansion

The effort to unleash dueling driverless services throughout San Francisco is shaping up to be just the first step in a far more ambitious expansion centered in California — a state where more than 35 million vehicles driven by humans are currently registered.

Walmart To Build Dedicated Fast Charging Network

Walmart says it plans to install fast EV chargers at its stores — including Sam’s Club — all across America.

Montana’s Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority hopeful as FRA’s long-distance study advances

“FRA envisions a future where Americans can easily access the passenger services they need,” said Bose. “Conducting this study alongside partners who know the transportation needs of their states and localities brings us one step closer to this vision.”