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Electric Freight Trucks Cheaper, Going Longer Distances, & More Powerful Can Easily Meet 2035 Goals

Already today, most zero-emissions trucks in the urban delivery segment beat diesel on cost and capabilities, but weak targets for truckmakers result in them not being supplied to hauliers.

NASA says its space tech could cut electric car charging times to 5 minutes or less

“This same technology may make owning an electric-powered car here on Earth easier and more feasible,” the blog said. “Application of this new technology resulted in (an) unprecedented reduction of the time required to charge a vehicle and may remove one of the key barriers to worldwide adoption of electric vehicles.”

Flying Delta? Passengers could soon take an electric aircraft to the airport

Delta will begin offering the service in New York and Los Angeles in the next couple of years.

The Death of Parking Requirements – Americans’ Addiction to Parking Lots Is Bad for the Climate. California Wants to End It

More cities and states are recognizing the harmful impacts of minimum parking requirements, which in many cases have accelerated sprawl and raised the cost of housing construction.

Electric vehicle charging stations popping up in Montana

“Montana has tons of charging stations and are building more charging stations each and every day and month,”

Prototype four-gun EV charger promises full charge in 10 minutes

Zerova estimates the charger would add 93 miles (150 km) in less than five minutes, allowing some drivers to quickly power up and complete their journey before plugging in for a more complete charge at their destination.

The Complicated Legacy of America’s First Car-Oriented Shopping Center

It was also a reflection of racism and exclusionary practices that never quite disappeared.

What Is a Woonerf? – Every City Planner Should Know.

The woonerf, a type of road design that encourages multimodal transportation and blends pedestrian and vehicle space, was born as a reaction to the car-centric development that began dominating American and European city planning in the mid-twentieth century.

Three Reasons People Don’t Bike That Policymakers Should Pay Attention To

Driver aggression is far from the only reason why people don’t ride bikes, a new report finds — and if they paid more attention, policymakers could seize the opportunity to systemically address the most frequently ignored “personal” barriers to traveling on two wheels.

Better Grid Management Could Start With Electric Vehicles

Research by Pecan Street in Austin, Texas, shows that electric vehicles can be used as an effective device to smooth electric demand while getting recharged when electricity is cheaper and more plentiful.