The Strongest Town Contest: Final Four Features

Maumee, OH, Is Taking Back Its Streets—By Removing Them” || by Seairra Jones

By leveraging Ohio’s Home Rule law, the city transformed a state-owned highway; reducing it from four lanes to three and adding on-street parallel parking to further protect people walking.

How Norfolk, NE, Is Bringing People Back to Public Spaces” || by Ben Abramson

Here’s how Norfolk is investing in public spaces that people can fall in love with and come back to time and time again.

What’s the Most Exciting City for Cycling Nerds? New York? Minneapolis? How About Edmonton?” || by Asia Mieleszko

Turning Edmonton into a haven for two-wheeled transportation went far beyond building bike lanes. It involved housing code reform, intersection redesigns, and a host of other efforts that are good for cyclists, motorists, people who walk, and more.

Selma’s Citizens Unite To Revitalize the Town They Love” || by Ben Abramson

Activate Selma, a group of local activists, started small and grown into a coalition of citizens, civic groups, and city leaders striving to improve housing, transportation, and the local economy.

and much more…..



High Real Estate Values and Missoula’s Reserve Street – 4/11 – Free Cycles

We all want the same thing: to live a good life in a prospering place. But what is the best way to make our community safer and more inviting? How do we make Missoula financially stronger and resilient, both now and into the future? And how can we work together to take steps to accomplish that vision together?


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