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Requiem for the Newsroom – By Maureen Dowd — City Club Missoula Presents The edge of the desert: Is Montana in danger of losing its local news? Monday, May 15, 2023 11:30AM – 1PM

I don’t want this to be one of those pieces that bang on about how things used to be better and they’ll never be as good again.

But when it comes to newsrooms, it happens to be true.

City Club Missoula’s State of the Community event looks at Missoula’s present and future

The main question at the “State of the Community” was: how can Missoulians keep a strong, connected Missoula while the city continues to undergo changes and work through problems like housing, tourism, and climate?

EU lawmakers approve effective 2035 ban on new fossil fuel cars

The landmark rules will require that by 2035 carmakers must achieve a 100% cut in CO2 emissions from new cars sold, which would make it impossible to sell new fossil fuel-powered vehicles in the 27-country bloc.

City Club Missoula Forum – Montana renewable energy options remain opaque

North Americans consume six times as much energy as the average global consumer, according to Bradley Layton, CEO of Human Powered Future. It’s an unsustainable trajectory with an uncertain future.

Utility Decoupling:  Montana Utility Pros and Cons

NWE experts consider the utility’s current business model ineffective in the changing energy market and encouraged implementation of full decoupling

Missoula City Club hears from television set designers

The Missoula City Club welcomed community members to special public forum on Monday with six-time Emmy winners John Shaffner and Joe Stewart. The two set designers gave members a behind-the-scenes look at making shows. Some…

City Club Missoula explores democracy, teacher pay and ‘equity’ – Hosts ‘Getting Schooled’ forum

Several times, panelists stressed the power of local school boards in Montana. Rep. David Bedey, R-Hamilton, said community members can have robust discussions with their trustees, including about requirements for civics and fiscal literacy. And…

Five innovations helping charities

From an NFT marketplace for good causes, to an app that connects donors to the homeless, discover innovations that are helping charities and non-profits to thrive

Full Video – City Club Missoula Presents – Montana 1st Congressional District Forum – Lamb, Tranel and Zinke Tell Us What They Believe – Full Video

A sell out crowd participated with  City Club Missoula on Monday, August 8 for a town hall-style forum featuring Montana’s 1st Congressional District candidates John Lamb, Monica Tranel, & Ryan Zinke.
Sally Mauk, formerly of MTPR, will moderate the forum which will feature candidate remarks, Table Talk, and audience questions.

Lamb, Tranel and Zinke square off in City Club Missoula Forum as Montana’s District 1 Congressional race heats up

The opening question set a fiery tone to the debate.