Letter to the editor: Rude and inconsiderate attendees at City Club Missoula

City Club Missoula CCM

For more than a few years I have diligently attended, and enjoyed, Missoula City Club’s monthly lunch meetings with whatever program was being presented and participated in the following “table talk” Q&A sessions. Every time table talk is announced, the moderator admonishes the attendants to ask their table’s question without a monologue or long statements of who they (the table’s speaker) are — or related to.

After years of most people not paying attention to this request, I want to point out how rude and absolutely inconsiderate are those who ramble or make statements of personal belief or political position. To those I say, you are depriving other tables/attendees of their opportunity to ask their questions, which, in my opinion, are more to the point of City Club than who you are or your affiliation with a person or cause.

Please refrain in the future, ask your question in the most direct way, and allow others the same opportunity as I am reasonably sure they believe their question is equal to yours as is their desire to present it for a response.


C. Burt Caldwell,



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