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President Seth Bodnar: Optimism abounds as University of Montana undergoes boom in enrollment, research and infrastructure

Seth Bodnar joined Missoula County Commissioner Juanita Vero and Mayor John Engen in the State of the Community address hosted annually by City Club Missoula. While local governments face a litany of challenges, the university is recovering from a decade of hurdles.

City Club Missoula – Missoula’s leaders discuss the State of the Community in Annual Review

Elected officials from the city and county of Missoula and UM President Bodnar on Monday offered their views on the state of the community, with housing, climate and building codes running as a common theme.

City Club Missoula sees high attendance as officials discuss housing crisis – Video of Zoom Meeting Now Available

The city is prioritizing projects to get the ball rolling. In 2020, they permitted 1,308 homes. That’s a 140% increase over the prior year.

City Club Missoula Forum – Dynamic economic forces that are shaping the community and how they affect people living here

“We’re at a critical turning point for what this place looks like in 10 years,” Kier said. “The extent that we keep making it look the same jeopardizes who gets to stay here and live here. If we want to create a place for people, we might need to make some compromises and sacrifices about the way the built environment looks to us.”

City Club Missoula – Rollout of legalized recreational marijuana discussed in Missoula

We’re now several weeks into the legal sale of adult-use recreational marijuana in Montana and only now are we getting a bigger picture of what that means for us.

Did you miss a City Club Missoula Presentation? All videos are available on MCAT

View any discussions you may have missed or review those you did participate in.

City Club Missoula – Missoula-area superintendents discuss start of new school year – Hellgate, Sentinel game postponed due to COVID-19

The education landscape changes daily, and as the delta variant continues to drive up COVID numbers, school administrators are having to resort to some of last year’s COVID protocols.

City Club Missoula – Taxes, housing, homelessness dominate first debate in Missoula’s race for mayor

City Club Missoula hosted the four mayoral candidates vying to move on to November’s General Election on Monday in their first virtual debate, where all agreed on funding the police, the need to build more housing and work to address homelessness.

Restoring a Sense of Belonging: The Unsung Importance of Casual Relationships for Older Adults

“Feeling connected to other people, not just the people who are closest to you, turns out to be incredibly important,”

City Club of Missoula to host in-person mayoral debate on Aug. 9.

Mayor John Engen will face off against three challengers: Jacob Elder, Greg Strandberg and Shawn Knopp.