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The Misperceptions Restricting the Housing Supply

How local attitudes toward zoning reform hinder efforts to boost housing production.

How much do you need to earn annually to afford a house in Los Angeles?

According to the residential real estate firm Redfin, the yearly salary needed now to buy a median-priced home in the city and comfortably make the mortgage payment is now $221,592, up nearly 41% from last year.

Montana conservation groups pushing for trust funding for the improvement of public and private wildlife habitats across the state.

“It would generate about, you know, between $4 million and $8 million a year that could be used for just bettering the productivity and the habitat and the landscape of Montana,” said Jourdonnais.

Are shorter workweeks a good fit for your company? Here are the pros and cons

Let’s examine some of the pros and cons of the four-day workweek.

Tribal Broadband Bootcamps Announced for 2023

The Tribal Broadband Bootcamps, which have worked with 20 Tribes and more than 100 participants over the past 2 years, offering hands-on training in wireless and fiber-optic networks, will continue in 2023 with an expanded schedule and expanded curriculum.

Save the Date – Hellgate Venture Network – December Holiday Party – Dec. 8, Missoula – All are Invited – Bring a Friend or your Mother.

While we don’t know half of what people contribute and take from our community we have heard of jobs being found, businesses launched, relationships started, and other forms of collaboration. Come join us and bring a friend. There is no fee, no membership due, and no advertising.  Sign up for our newsletter to get notified of our upcoming meetings. We look forward to seeing you. 

Missoula, Montana’s LMG Security – How Hackers Go from Zero to Takeover Weaponar, the Top Threats of 2023, Preventing Holiday Scams, and More!

Cyberattacks and data breaches are two of the most important threats to address when undertaking business continuity planning and disaster recovery strategy development. Our blog shares the cybersecurity considerations to include in a strong business continuity plan.

Housing market has ‘further to fall’ as buyers walk away and sellers scramble for profit

Talk about a harsh wake-up call for sellers.

What a Great Idea! – Bozeman, Montana’s Zoot Employee Art Show and Handcrafted Gift Fair Monday, December 5th – Friday, December 23rd, in the Zoot Mezzanine.

The Zoot Art Gallery in Bozeman is pleased to announce its upcoming Employee Art Show and Handcrafted Gift Fair. The company recognizes and encourages employees’ creative growth and is honored to celebrate Zoot’s in-house artisans, crafters, small business owners and their families.

Missoula, Montana-Based Pathlabs Selected as a Best Workplace for Young Careers – Join Our Team – Career Opportunities

A Missoula-based media execution company, Pathlabs, is selected as a finalist in industry-leading WorkLife Awards among the top American advertising companies. Finalists for this award have excelled at creating exceptional workplaces and company culture. Listed alongside Pathlabs are five large agencies headquartered in major metropolitan areas.