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If fees for COVID-19 health care can vanish, why not others?

“If we could decide as a nation to change everything so that we could cover COVID testing and care from the first dollar, instead of putting a cost burden on the patient, why can’t we do that for diabetes or maternity care?”

Computer models may make lab-grown meat cheaper

The use of computer models may break down barriers to making lab-grown meat more economical on a larger scale, according to a new review.

For Gonzales, Calif., a Unique Path to High-Speed Internet

After aggressively taking initiative in a variety of ways, the city can now connect any household to high-speed Internet.

Let’s Rebuild the Broken Meat Industry—Without Animals

Covid-19 has laid bare many flaws of industrialized animal agriculture. Plant- and cell-based alternatives offer a more resilient solution.

Western Governor’s Association Podcast – Diversifying the Rural Economy

Watch webinars showing virus impact on rural economy, air travel, cybersecurity

Mark Zuckerberg on taking his massive Facebook workforce remote – “We’re unlocking remote hiring.”

A bunch of the people who leave the company, who are good people who we would want to keep — the reason that they leave is because they want to move somewhere that we don’t support.

12 road-tested team building activities that work for real-life remote teams

These exercises are key because understanding each other on a personal level means we can communicate more effectively and have an easier time distributing roles and responsibilities across the team.

Bozeman realtors predict COVID will cause another housing boom from out-of-state residents

Bozeman’s already-inflated housing market is in for an even bigger boom, if predictions from some top housing experts – not just in Bozeman, but around the country – are true.

Berkeley Could Redefine the Al Fresco Streets Movement

The city of Berkeley is pursuing an aggressive plan to open the streets for outdoor dining as an economic development tool for local commercial businesses.

How Life in Our Cities Will Look After the Coronavirus Pandemic

The pandemic is transforming urban life. We asked 12 leading global experts in urban planning, policy, history, and health for their predictions.