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Hellgate Venture Network Presents: Samantha Moore VoiceSifter – 9/19 – Missoula

Come learn more about how VoiceSifter has evolved, after identifying an opportunity and retooling mid-air!

City Club Missoula – Videos of past luncheons courtesy of MCAT

They are available shortly after each event for those unable to attend or wishing to review the community discussion.

Amazing Video – Is there Bal-A-Vis-X in your school?

Bal-A-Vis-X requires focused attention, demands cooperation, promotes self-challenge, and fosters peer teaching. It is school friendly and just plain fun.

Missoulian editorial – Missoula must maintain economic momentum – Many Career Opportunities Available

Over the past year, Missoula County employers created more jobs than any other county in the state

Share your views Sept. 17-20 – New Missoula Downtown Plan ready for final unveiling and adoption

It’s been two years of ideas, and a year of intense discussion and brainstorming , and now Missoula’s new Downtown Master Plan is ready to be put into action. It’s a plan which will set…

Could Urban Farms Be the Preschools of the Future?

It sounds like an ordinary urban farm, but on this particular site, the wardens are toddlers.

Climate Strike Missoula Community Events – 9/20-27

We support Missoula area high school, university students and the young adults organizing the kick-off Global Climate Strike rally

Red Oxx brightens up Billings, Montana industrial neighborhood with industrial art – Fifth annual OxxFest on Sept. 13 – 14 will celebrate the progress

It’s an accomplishment five years in the making in the industrial hodgepodge of the East Billings Urban Renewal District.

Project Connect creates a culture of compassion and Inclusion at Bozeman High School

The program is looking for more volunteers and offering training courses

Federal money available for rural broadband – but is it enough? And, for what?

Tens, or hundreds, of millions of dollars needed to fill gaps


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