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City Club Missoula – Wildfire Adapted Missoula: Thriving in Wildfire Country – 6/10

On June 10, a City Club Missoula panel including a fire scientist, a federal forest manager, and a county commissioner will explore why and how we can reduce our risk and what being “wildfire adapted” means....

NACTO works with 5 cities to build bike and transit networks

A new accelerator program will help the five cities get past the usual resistance to bike and transit infrastructure and change their streets as quickly as possible.

It is solved by walking

The path to fixing our broken communities is forged by footsteps.

Public art, streetcars, parking and affordable housing: Draft Downtown Master Plan unveiled

The plan is hundreds of pages and includes suggestions on everything from painting better bike lanes on the Hip Strip to building residential housing downtown to funding an electric street trolley.

8 Montana Communities Invited to Apply for Housing Tax Credits

More than $31 million will be awarded in October

It’s time we demand that engineers build us Strong Towns. Confessions of a Recovering Engineer

“Wider, faster, treeless roads not only ruin our public places, they kill people. Taking highway standards and applying them to urban and suburban streets, and even county roads, costs us thousands of lives every year.”...

Jackson, Wyoming officials ask: What does Western look like?

With Jackson’s heritage on the line, officials look to Town Square regs, other preservation methods.

Urban Design Thinking Needs a Broader Perspective

If we think about it correctly, dense, mixed use urban spaces are the ultimate design solution to our transportation problems.

Planning for Future Cities Today With Urban Nexus Science

City planners and related professionals often view energy, food, and water as separate matters. Urban Nexus science aims to change that.

Missoula Economic Partnership expands focus beyond business attraction

While MEP adjusts its focus to touch on housing and other local challenges, it will continue to work on behalf of businesses, including those looking for state grants to grow their local workforce.

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