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Governors Rely on Trusted Advisors for Effective Technology Management

"The right CIO can help a governor more skillfully manage their information technology," said John Thomasian, director of the NGA Center. "Successfully managed IT is one of the most important foundations state government can have to function at its best."
What are the most important actions a governor can take regarding information technology to improve service delivery and/or government efficiency in his or her state?

Kentucky’s Next Generation Information Highway Has Arrived

The new KIH2 is already beginning to offer lower rates, improved performance, greater reliability and new services that should carry the state well into the 21st century.

Oregon Awards $73 Million Medicaid IT Contract

The Oregon MMIS will be based on EDS’ interChange Medicaid system currently operating in several states, including Kansas, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania, modified to meet Oregon’s specific functional and technical needs.

Arizona Installs IP Communications Network

The state is replacing separate networks for voice and data with a single communications infrastructure based using the internet.

South Dakota Launches Hospital Pricing Web Site

Under the new law, the department will post the median price of each hospital’s 25 most commonly performed inpatient procedures on the web site. Because the most common procedures vary from hospital to hospital, the price list will not be uniform throughout the 62 hospitals.

Michigan Launches Registry to Protect Children from Inappropriate Email

"I’m proud that Michigan is the first state in the nation to develop this registry and provide a way for parents and teachers to protect our children from unsuitable emails." Michigan Governor Jennifer M. Granholm

Nation’s Top 10 Digital County Governments Showcased

"There is so much hard work and planning going on behind the scenes in county government — to make life a little easier for all citizens. Local governments are to be commended for their ambitious efforts, accomplishments and outstanding customer service."

Montana justice computer project may be awarded without contract

Rather than put the project up for bid, the state said it intends to award the contract to BearingPoint Inc., an international business consulting firm based in Virginia, in a partnership with Denver-based Archon Technologies. The decision, however, isn’t final.

Expanding Role for Intergovernmental Management

"The organizations that get things done [in the future] will no longer be hierarchical pyramids with most of the real control at the top. They will be systems — interlaced webs of tension in which control is loose, power diffused, and centers of decision plural. ‘Decision-making’ will become an increasingly intricate process of multilateral brokerage both inside and outside the organization which thinks it has the responsibility for making, or at least announcing, the decision. Because organizations will be horizontal, the way they are governed is likely to be more collegial, consensual, and consultative. The bigger the problems to be tackled, the more real power is diffused and the larger the number of persons who can exercise it — if they work at it."

Integrating the Ivory Tower – State and City Government and Education Leaders make forays into consolidating information systems.

Three years ago, North Dakota officially unveiled ConnectND, an ambitious plan to integrate the state’s universities and government agencies into one administrative software platform enabling front-line staff to use common financial, and human- and student-resource management applications.