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NYC Community Board Member Discusses Wiki, Online Technology, For Local Governance

After 14 years as a board member (Queens Board 3) I’ve concluded 99 percent of all good ideas for improving a community reside with the public.

Ohio Developing Statewide Cybersecurity Strategy

Ohio’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) is in the middle of developing a strategy for a state-wide standardized cybersecurity program. The project began in June 2005 with and is expected to be completed in September….

On the Record – Mitigating Identity theft and security issues.

Personally identifying information is easy to sell because there are no laws against selling it. If we’re serious about making it harder to sell, we need to make it illegal to sell. It really is that simple.

Six States ( Montana, Washington, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, and Kansas) Recognized for Multiple State Agency Coordination In Care for the Disabled – $11.7 million five-year Federal grant to Montana to help prevent substance abuse and promote mental

"This policy academy is an exciting opportunity for governors to learn about successful strategies that will help ensure that all Americans, including those with disabilities, have the opportunity to live closer to their families and friends, live more independently, find better jobs and participate more fully in their communities," said John Thomasian, director of the NGA Center. "Across the country, governors are exploring ways to ensure young people with disabilities do not face unnecessary and unfair barriers to success in school, workplace and the community."

Safeguarding Communities Through Modern Communication Systems, Strategy Paper From the Center for Digital Government

"The paper provides a common reference point for practitioners, technologists, public executives and elected officials on the subject,"

Picking Up the Tab – Who pays for the web site in your state?

Governments had three choices: build and manage their own Web sites; pay somebody else significant money to build and manage them; or sign a self-funding contract, which unlike the first two options, doesn’t cost the government a dime.

National Association of State CIO’s (NASCIO) Releases IT Management Framework Document

"A good framework for managing information technology can deliver huge dividends through effective planning, competent risk management, and strict accountability for meeting goals and performance expectations. The four management models provide a foundation for successful business practices and management of resources. States can choose a model that best fits their organizational needs."

Public comments on Gallatin travel plan lost because of computer glitch

Some 1,000 public comments concerning the proposed Gallatin National Forest travel plan were not received by forest supervisors because of a computer glitch, and the people who sent them may not know if their messages got through, a U.S. Forest Service spokesman said Wednesday.

Six Public-Sector Programs Win Innovations in American Government Awards

"These ground-breaking efforts represent the shining stars in government innovations," said Gowher Rizvi, Director of the Ash Institute. "Each takes a creative approach to a significant problem and it is our honor to bring them well-deserved recognition and to encourage other government entities to replicate them."

Montana will put computer contract to modernize motor vehicle registration and issuing of driver’s licenses out to bid

The request for bids on the contract, worth up to $15 million, is expected to out next week.