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Minnesota Strikes Down Preemption Laws Blocking Municipal Broadband

The new legislation, signed into law yesterday by Gov. Tim Walz, took aim at two statutes that sought to protect large monopoly telecommunications providers from competition.

Does your company us AI to screen and evaluate resumes? See how they can help you even if you’re not a business owner

If you’re using it now, do you think it’s contributing to better hiring? How?

How mine pit lakes could help to tackle climate change – Is Butte’s Berkeley Pit a Candidate?

This low-cost method turns old mine infrastructure into a powerful carbon sink

Net Neutrality Is Really A Debate Over Monopoly Power

“They do not want their providers engaging in blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization. And if they have problems they expect the Nation’s expert authority on communications to be able to respond,”

Buttigieg, Pelosi, Other Leaders Headline U.S. High-Speed Rail Conference

Conference speakers asserted that America is entering a new era of progress on high-speed rail, following unprecedented investments by the Biden Administration; Brightline West breaking ground on a bullet train from Las Vegas to Southern California last month; major new labor agreements; and federal designation of seven high-speed rail corridors around the country (including Dallas to Houston and Portland-Seattle-Vancouver, BC.)

June primary ballots give voters a chance to re-think their local government structures

Should City and County organizations merge to form a more efficient and economically less expensive single governing body and should term limits be imposed are among many questions that citizens need to consider.

Welcome to the world of smart dorm – Missoula, Montana based The Smart Dorm Company

The Smart Dorm Company, founded by two Montana university students, utilizes new innovations to establish smart infrastructure for various facilities. We are focused on creating cost-effective sustainable technology for large-scale residential facilities.

The Images That Boost Support for Sustainable Transportation

AI-generated illustrations of streets with bike lanes, bus lanes and fewer cars have the power to persuade, a new study finds.

With the rise of AI, workforce planning is critical. But many governments don’t do it. Is yours?

That’s a problem when state and local government officials are seeing daily evidence that the nature of their workforce is quickly changing.

The Era Of Autonomous Vehicles Has Arrived

Autonomous vehicles are no longer perpetually “five years away.” They are here now. Planners must act now to ensure they don’t degrade city life.