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How years of fighting every wildfire helped fuel the Western megafires of today – Damn Bear! – We can’t log our way out of global warming

This is the wildfire paradox: the more we prevent fires in the short term, the worse wildfires become when they return.

Move Your Ideas From Lab To Market To Maximize Impact

Business validation will be measured by the scientist’s ability to secure private investors or corporate partnerships. It is not necessarily measured by customer response or sales, because the research may not make it to the market for many years.

How to Build a Water-Smart City

As water shortages and drought become increasingly common, cities will need to invest in infrastructure and find ways to recycle their supply.

CBS Sunday Morning – The history and future of Butte, Montana

For a small town, Butte, Montana is rich in history – from being, at one time, the largest city between Chicago and San Francisco, to being the site of one of the world’s most productive copper mines.

This urban planner created a new metric to find a city’s most frightening intersections

Measuring cyclists’ cognitive workload as they bike through different parts of a city shows the places that need more safety features.

Minnesota Broadband: Land of 10,000 Connectivity Solutions

The majority of the fastest, most affordable networks in Minnesota have come from locally-rooted companies and a commitment to local communities rather than distant shareholders.

Austin, Texas, Offers Tips for Local Digital Transformation

Citizens are looking for the ability to self-serve, Ross said — and to do so outside of the traditional 8-to-5 workday.

Texas ransomware attack shows what can happen when whole towns are targeted

It was the start of a steamy Friday two Augusts ago when Jason Whisler settled in for a working breakfast at the Coffee Ranch restaurant in the Texas Panhandle city of Borger. The most pressing agenda item for city officials that morning: planning for a country music concert and anniversary event.

Then Whisler’s phone rang. Borger’s computer system had been hacked.

Why tech transfer brings companies ‘more than innovation’

Technology transfer is more common than you might think, in part because the government has thousands of available technologies (patents) covering markets where thousands of companies do business.

Governor Gianforte Devotes $3.9 Million to Bridge Digital Divide in Schools

Montana K-12 public school districts are eligible for similar funding through ESSER funds.