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Landslide exposes Jackson Hole’s frailties, community strengths

The closure of a single road highlights the vulnerability of the foundation that supports a mountain community’s robust tourism and lifestyle economy.

Car-Free Cities Are Not ‘Radical’

“There’s no element of social engineering or ideological weirdness or Brave New World to a city that doesn’t prioritize cars.”

Amazon-Powered AI Cameras Used to Detect Emotions of Unwitting UK Train Passengers – Have you read George Orwell’s ‘1984’?  

“The Party, which is the totalitarian government of Oceania, uses telescreens to establish surveillance and control the populace. These telescreens, like the Big Brother posters, are ubiquitous. The Party uses telescreens both to communicate with citizens and to gather information about them.”

New Tennessee Law Allows No-Cost Incentives for Affordable Housing

Local governments in the Volunteer State can now offer developers incentives like increased density, lower parking requirements, and priority permitting for affordable housing projects.

New Round of Federal Grants Will Inject Billions into Rural (fewer than 10,000 residents) Renewable Energy Projects

The focus of this round of funding is on communities with fewer than 10,000 residents, reaching across the country from Maine to Alaska. 

Auditors find Montana may not target housing funds to those most in need

Auditors: Montana Board of Housing lacks transparency, data

It’s Member Week at Strong Towns ARTICLES || PODCASTS || EVENTS

“State College Chose Parking Over People. The People Fought Back.”

The ‘silver tsunami’ is here. Is government ready?

About 10,000 Americans are turning 65 every day. As the nation’s aging population continues to climb, states and the federal government are working to get plans in place to care for older adults.

Montana’s Headwaters Hub

The Headwaters Hub will capitalize on the region’s existing commitment to market-driven innovation—and status as home to dozens of photonics companies—to overcome barriers to the advancement and broad adoption of autonomous technologies in critical use areas that are vital to the United States’ economic and national security.

Rural Universities Experiment with ‘Innovation Hubs’

What if rural communities could create hubs that bring together such ideas, and potentially lead to building new local businesses as well?