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Montana leaders discuss future of education system at Helena meeting

The Montana Legislature’s Education Interim Committee and Education Interim Budget Committee held a special joint meeting to focus on the role each stakeholder plays in the education system and how they can work together.

Missoula planners eye locations, power for federal electric vehicle charging network

Members of Missoula’s Transportation Technical Advisory Committee this week began to consider the $7.5 billion allotted by the federal government to build that network of Electric Vehicle charging stations.

Survey: Government Is Optimistic About Ditching Data Centers

As government agencies sent workers home and closed offices, many turned to software as a service to perform work remotely, which in turn shifted overall thinking on what the cloud can and can’t be used for in the public sector.

Protecting national parks from too much love – CBS Sunday Morning

Over the past decade, the number of visitors to our national parks has increased 34%, forcing many parks to require reservations, timed entry passes, and shuttle buses in order to limit crowds and traffic.

Zoning Stands in the Way of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is cheap as ever, but zoning isn’t keeping up with the market.

Carnegie Mellon Program to Train Government How to Use Data

A new certification program aims to prepare public-sector technology leaders to make their organizations more data-driven, evidence-based and responsive, with a focus on data management, digital innovation and AI.

Bye, Zoom: This smart new app is the future of online meetings

Switchboard brings a whole new approach to remote teamwork—and makes familiar videoconferencing seem archaic in comparison.

Recycled tires make for roads that last twice as long in hot sunshine

Roads always seem to be in need of repair, but changing up the recipe could help them last longer. Researchers in Australia have now shown yet another advantage of adding rubber from old tires to asphalt – extra Sun protection that could help roads last up to twice as long before cracking.

US pours $3.5 billion into direct air capture hubs for carbon removal

This is centered on deploying carbon capture technologies on a gigaton scale by 2050, by driving down the cost of carbon capture and storage to $100 per ton.

States Can Now Line Up for Federal Broadband Infrastructure Funds

The BEAD program, which is part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) that was passed in November 2021, represents the single largest federal investment in broadband expansion in U.S. history.

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