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National Tribal Broadband Summit – Sept. 17 – 24 and Oct. 1 – Virtually

The annual National Tribal Broadband Summit is part of DOI’s ongoing efforts to close the digital divide and builds on the work of the White House Council for Native American Affairs.

How to Maximize the Local Impact of the American Rescue Plan

A new report provides advice and guidance on how cities, with Philadelphia as its example, can make the most of the historic funding opportunities made available by the American Rescue Plan approved by Congress earlier this year.

Idaho Takes Task Force Approach to Statewide Cybersecurity

Co-chairs Tom Kealey and Zach Tudor explain how the Idaho Cybersecurity Task Force will gather a holistic view of the state’s cybersecurity resources and needs to inform its recommendations to the governor in early 2022.

Biden won big on broadband, but allies fear local governments lost out

Some of the measure’s staunchest supporters say they are frustrated by what wasn’t included in the bill: provisions to encourage municipal broadband — Internet service that is partially or fully owned by local governments. 

Pandemic Teaches Government a Lesson on Internet Upload Speeds

A new study rejects the idea that provider networks held up quite well for Americans during the pandemic. This research, as well as state broadband leaders, think upload speeds must be better for America’s future.

What the $65B broadband service plan will do

The Federal Communications Commission says about 14 million Americans don’t have access to broadband at the speeds necessary to work and study online — 25 megabits per second downloads and 3 mbps uploads — but acknowledges that its maps are faulty. Outside groups have made higher estimates.

Cities Can Leverage Greater EV Adoption With Their Fleets

“We have our first [electric] garbage truck. Our first electric [street] sweeper,” he added.

The FCC finally made a new broadband map of the US

It’s based on information provided by the four major carriers

How years of fighting every wildfire helped fuel the Western megafires of today – Damn Bear! – We can’t log our way out of global warming

This is the wildfire paradox: the more we prevent fires in the short term, the worse wildfires become when they return.

Move Your Ideas From Lab To Market To Maximize Impact

Business validation will be measured by the scientist’s ability to secure private investors or corporate partnerships. It is not necessarily measured by customer response or sales, because the research may not make it to the market for many years.