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State of Montana Career Opportunities

Montana offers a variety of opportunities to help you make a difference in your community and further your career. We offer competitive benefits, work-life balance, and family friendly policies. As a service-oriented employer, we seek…

Cities Are Switching to Electric Vehicles Faster Than Individuals

Electric trucks and sedans have proven popular with municipal fleets, but cities have also bought niche vehicles such as an electric Zamboni

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality and Environmental Quality Council MIGHT soon analyze climate impacts from energy projects in order to uphold Montanans’ constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment

The work group’s task is to review how, and if, MEPA should be updated to clarify its role in both protecting the environment and permitting decisions, as well as to try to kickstart methods by which the DEQ can analyze greenhouse gas emissions and climate impacts from projects while the Held v. Montana appeal is decided by the Montana Supreme Court this summer.

“We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us” – A Traffic Engineer Hits Back at His Profession

A new book argues that road design, not driver error, is largely responsible for the surge in US traffic deaths among pedestrians and bicyclists. 

Eight Montana school districts to receive funding for clean-air buses

Sandoval also tells MTN that the new buses are safe and reliable. She says they are able to operate in both cold temperatures and high-elevation climates.

Navy looks to partner with private industry on blockchain tech that detects cyberattacks during software development 

The Navy invention enables traceability and provability in software development

Minnesota Legalizes Flying Cars – What is your state doing to prepare for the future?

A new Minnesota law outlines state registration of “roadable aircraft” and legalizes their use on state roads and highways.

End Parking Mandates and Subsidies “City Engineers Are Unbelievably out of Touch on Parking Reform”

City engineers rely on faulty logic and misrepresentations to maintain the status quo. This was made blatantly clear in a recent letter from the City Engineers Association of Minnesota (CEAM) — and it’s why a growing number of engineers are breaking from the party line to support reform. Here are CEAM’s top four arguments against parking reform and why they’re wrong.

US Cities Leading The Way To Electric Cars & Trucks

Cities can punch above their weight by helping to demonstrate that electric cars are viable both for businesses and private owners, said Ian Seamans, who works with city governments at Environment Texas. A large part of the effect is modeling this behavior for the public,” he said. City policies are particularly important in Republican-led states such as Texas, where there are few state incentives for clean vehicles.

As Missoula looks to Electric Vehicle adoption, charging access will be key

As the year marches on, the City of Missoula will sharpen its Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan, which could find its way into code reform and how the city prepares for changes in transportation and technology.