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Montana Tech encouraging high school students to study metallurgy engineering

“Well, first, fire is always fun to play with and just making your own thing out of glass is a really unique thing to do,” said Roundup senior Jessie Graham.

Solutions begin in places like Ekalaka, Montana

I want to believe that the relationship that started in that tiny bedroom in Ekalaka, Montana, and trickled down into the two oldest sons, is still the kind of relationship people want to cultivate in Montana, and in America. 

UM Bio Station Awarded $9.5 Million for Ocean Climate Change Science

Led by Matthew Church, a FLBS aquatic microbial ecology professor, the SUBSEA research team will receive $9.5 million over the next five years to help refine details of ocean carbon cycling and ecosystem resilience. FLBS stream ecology Professor Bob Hall also will assist with the project.

Montana State University students to participate in Baucus Leaders program

Eight MSU students were selected as members of the Baucus Leaders Class of 2024, a program of the Max S. Baucus Institute designed to give college students experience in public service and legislative affairs. They will be stationed in various parts of the world for internships focusing on legislation and climate policies.

Montana’s Headwaters Hub

The Headwaters Hub will capitalize on the region’s existing commitment to market-driven innovation—and status as home to dozens of photonics companies—to overcome barriers to the advancement and broad adoption of autonomous technologies in critical use areas that are vital to the United States’ economic and national security.

Rural Universities Experiment with ‘Innovation Hubs’

What if rural communities could create hubs that bring together such ideas, and potentially lead to building new local businesses as well?

Montana Career Opportunities – Director, Extension Program Development & Evaluation – Montana State University Extension

The Director of Program Development & Evaluation is responsible for providing leadership and coordination for, and staff development related to the entire program development process including assessing needs, evaluating programs, reporting outcomes, and communicating impacts….

Lab to Startup – Lessons from Evolution of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem at UC Berkeley

I hope you get some insights from this story, and walk away with appreciation and potentially actionable steps if you are trying to build startup ecosystems on your campuses.

Why Eventgroove Fundraising?

You’re passionate about making a difference and connecting with supporters, but getting bogged down with fundraising tasks? Not so much.