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Western MT Startups Apply by 7/23 for Early Stage MT Regional Showcase – Missoula

Winners from the evening’s event will be invited to attend an accelerator program where they will receive five days of intense, in-depth coaching from some of the state’s most experienced entrepreneurs and investors.

Montana State University receives $3.4 million dollar grant for micro-mining research

“We are dependent on the Democratic Republic of Congo for the majority of our Cobalt, Nickel, other trace elements- rare earth elements- that we need for electronics and renewable energy technologies.

Fools gold could be the key to Montana’s energy future – Fool’s Gold Pyrite May Hide Real Gold

MSU geo-microbiologist Dr. Eric Boyd says his research is to better understand how bacteria triggers enzymes to extract precious metals from Pyrite.

Montana State University faculty and students push for stronger climate action

A decade has passed since Montana State University addressed its plan to combat climate change, despite a plan to review and update progress regularly. And while sustainability work has continued on campus, many are saying now’s the time to establish a new plan setting clear and ambitious goals.

Life in 2050: A Glimpse at Education in the Future

Thanks to growing internet access and emerging technologies, the way we think of education will dramatically change.

University of Montana Offers Coding Boot Camp to Learners Statewide

The Montana Code School’s back-end program launches June 15. The front-end program begins July 22.

Accelerate Montana’s Rural Innovation Initiative – UM Students: Check out this International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Course!

This program will teach you what is like to work with an international remote team working to crack economic inequity in rural communities using innovative, cutting-edge, lean startup tools to launch and grow sustainable businesses.

Grants help 21 women entrepreneurs pursue success through University of Montana program

The women’s entrepreneurial program – better known as Pursue Your Passions – provides the education and experience needed to help women achieve a more equitable and prosperous future.

University of Montana, Missoula business ATG connection benefitting students

In recent years, the University of Montana has been working to team up with local businesses to give students more opportunities for work-based experience to enhance their skill set upon graduation. The relationship they’ve developed with ATG’s Missoula-based office is at the forefront of this effort.

Montana State University-developed, money-saving concrete (“It’s like normal concrete on steroids”) to be used in bridges near Wisdom, Montana

An exceptionally strong and durable concrete developed at Montana State University is slated to be used for the first time, paving the way for potential widespread future application in Montana.