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60 Minutes –  Investigation continues after couple became the target of harassment, stalking by eBay employees. Unbelievable!

The plan was hatched in eBay’s headquarters, in a conference room. It was paid for, ultimately, by eBay. Don’t they bear any responsibility for this?

Utah’s social media for kids law could be coming to a state near you

Utah’s strict new social media laws have some scary implications for the whole country.

This Ponzi Scheme Might END Suburban Prosperity

The Growth Ponzi Scheme is not nefarious; there is not a specific individual or group that has created it for their own benefit. It has emerged from a broad cultural consensus about economic growth, development patterns, and debt. So what can you do?

What’s New in Digital Equity: HUD Releases High-Speed Internet Guide

Plus, a continued look at what some state and local governments are doing to increase participation in the Affordable Connectivity Program, and more.

TED Talk – How to keep your hometown from becoming a ghost town

From the closure of the iconic Route 66 to the roller-coaster history of Buffalo, New York, Paget reveals the power of sharing your town’s “civic story” to spark local revitalization

Learn the Basics of Broadband from Our Limited Series – 4 week email course. Pew Charitable Trusts

How does broadband internet reach our homes, phones, and tablets? What kind of infrastructure connects us all together? What are the major barriers to broadband access for American communities?

Montana Senator Jon Tester, Senate Republicans Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Stop Foreign Adversaries from Buying U.S. Farmland

The Protecting America’s Agricultural Land from Foreign Harm Act would prohibit China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea from purchasing or leasing U.S. farmland

Where States Get Their Money

The portion of state government revenue coming from federal dollars remained inflated by billions in COVID-19 pandemic relief aid in fiscal year 2021.

What is the World coming to?  German monks create world’s first powdered beer

A monastic brewery near Munich says it’s created the first powdered beer. Just add water, and it’ll froth up, complete with a foamy head and full flavor. The result promises massive savings on transport, because it can be shipped at 10% of the weight.

How Likely is Passenger Rail through Missoula and Middle Montana? Zoom Recording

Passenger rail through Missoula is unlikely to happen anytime soon, says railroad veteran Mark Meyer. We  discussed the reasons why with this long-time passenger rail advocate on Zoom on March 21st