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Climate change puts a different spin on fly fishing for once skeptical anglers

“When you spend a lot of time outdoors, and you do it over decades, you start to see a pattern, and you can count on those things happening over and over again at approximately the same time (of year),” said Todd Tanner, a Montana resident who has been fishing for more than 55 years. “Anyone who has been fly fishing for a decade or longer has seen the impacts of climate on our fisheries.”

Have you faced a bidding war trying to rent an apartment?

Many people are facing the kind of intense competition usually only seen with buying houses.

Brad Feld Releases: Startup Boards: A Field Guide to Building and Leading an Effective Board of Directors 2nd edition launch day is 6/15. It will be a must read for every board.

The first time many founders see the inside of a board room is when they step in to lead their board. But how do boards work? How should they be structured, managed, and leveraged so that startups can grow, avoid pitfalls, and get the best out of their boards? Authors Brad Feld, Mahendra Ramsinghani, and Matt Blumberg have collectively served on hundreds of startup and scaleup boards over the past 30 years, attended thousands of board meetings, encountered multiple personalities and situations, and seen the good, bad, and ugly of boards.

Less Parking Could Mean More Housing

Citing environmental concerns and a lack of housing, an increasing number of cities and some West Coast states are reconsidering mandates that all homes, offices and businesses offer a minimum number of parking spots for residents, workers and customers.

In a Work-from-Anywhere World, How Remote Will Workers Go?

Will professionals still choose cities if they have the option to work from the beach (or the mountains and plains of Montana)? Research by Prithwiraj Choudhury considers the radical ripple effects of remote work.

Many CEOs are now making 670 times more than their company’s median-wage workers

At 49 publicly traded companies, the gap between what CEOs and median-wage workers earn is a 1,000-to-1 ratio.

Ford CEO Says All Electric Vehicle Sales will be Online and at a Fixed  Zero Negotiation Price

CEO Jim Farley says the company has to build out its infrastructure to support online, delivered, zero-negotiation sales.

Wyoming’s future lies in its rural communities, so let’s invest in them

No matter how big Cheyenne and Casper get, we will always be a rural state. We must create the conditions that enable small towns and far-flung hamlets to thrive.

We look at why economic inequality began soaring in the U.S. four decades ago.

If you look at historical data on the U.S. economy, you often notice that something changed in the late 1970s or early ’80s. Incomes started growing more slowly for most workers, and inequality surged.

FCC Commissioner Carr “supply chain issues… stopping progress on access to broadband in rural communities.”

“Supply chain, workforce, and federal lands permitting issues are some of the bigger issues facing internet builds in Wyoming and Montana,” Carr said via text, “the federal government has appropriated enough dollars to get the job done, but unless we start tackling these other issues, we’re just jumping on the gas and the brakes at the same time.”

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