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The Cloud over the Future of America’s Downtowns

After decades of revival, they’ve been dealt severe blows across multiple dimensions by the coronavirus pandemic, putting them in danger of a period of extended decline.

It’s Time to Rethink Government’s People Management Practices

A report from the National Academy of Public Administration decried government’s all-too-common “culture of compliance . . . where meeting the requirements of the rules has become more important than delivering value to taxpayers.”

Do You Know What Your Business Is Worth? Think Again

A different way for managers to pinpoint their value proposition.

Focus on these 3 time horizons for your strategy – Fail Fast – Fail Often

“Scenarios need to be regularly updated, as, over time, the certainty of direction will increase; therefore, the initial portfolio will also have to be adjusted as well,”

$50 million Wyoming COVID-19 business relief program launching Monday

“The program offers grants of up to $50,000 to independent Wyoming businesses who, as of March 31, 2020, employed 50 or fewer full-time employees,” the WBC said in a June 4 release. “Visit wyobizrelief.org Monday after 10 a.m. to apply.”

BOCC grants Dinosolar permit for $240 million solar farm west of Bar Nunn, Wyoming

The project would generate over $2 million dollars in property taxes in its first year, and $8.7 million in sales and use taxes during construction.

Make Investing in Resilient, Localized Food System Part of Next Stimulus

If we don’t reform our food system in the next round of stimulus, we might not be ready the next time we face a challenges.

7 Technology Startups Using Science to Create Healthy Meat Alternatives

These lab-grown meats could help us reduce the amount of livestock in the world.

SEC Temporarily Relaxes Rules For Small Business Crowdfunding Offerings

To benefit from the SEC’s temporary rule changes, a small business must meet enhanced eligibility requirements and make a clear disclosure about its reliance on the temporary rules to investors.

Natrona County, Wyoming residents again see spikes in property assessments of up to 1000%; local leaders encourage them to appeal

“I don’t know yet whether it’s more than last year, but there are a lot of mad taxpayers out there,”