The Telecommuting and Gig Workforce in Montana

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Co-Working Becomes Mainstay as Freelancing is on the Rise

Now with the rise of freelancing, co-working spaces are becoming the go-to destination for this crowd.

10 highest-paying gig economy jobs: How to become a six-figure-earning freelancer

So what is driving the growth of high-earning independent workers?

The Gig Economy for Mapping – Like Uber, but for Cartographers

Streetcred, a blockchain-powered open-source mapping startup, will pay you to map. (And then give the data away for free.)

Here are 10 questions you need to ask before hiring a freelancer

You should always wrap up the conversation by asking whether or not the freelancer has any questions.

Uber drivers and other gig economy workers are earning half what they did five years ago

The gig isn’t as good as it used to be for people working through online transportation apps in the U.S.

Why the ‘gig’ economy may not be the workforce of the future

Over the past two years, for example, pay for gig workers has dropped, and they are earning a growing share of their income elsewhere, a new study finds.

More Americans Now Telecommute Than Take Public Transportation to Work

Driving remains the predominant form of commuting. But for the first time, the next most common is working from home.

Gig-Economy Groceries – Online grocery-delivery service Instacart makes its debut in the Flathead

Valley residents can earn extra cash by being someone’s personal grocery shopper, while others can avoid the rigmarole of wrangling a shopping cart.

The market is stacked against the low-skilled worker – How hourly workers, many of whom earn irregularly, can act entrepreneurially, with help from cities.

These workers are not in control of their own schedules, the number of hours of work they’ll get in a week, and typically receive no benefits. But, cities may be in the best position to help hourly workers act more like entrepreneurs.

Women Freelancers on Upwork & Fiverr Make 50% Less Than Men

For women tied to the gig economy and rely on these very same websites to find jobs, this is directly tied to their own personal livelihood.