Want to win in the gig economy? Think big, diversify and know your worth

GIG ECONOMY on the touch screen with a  blur financial background .The concept GIG ECONOMY

Danny Brewer knew that the entrepreneurial life was for him when he saw that the address of one of his bosses after college was, literally, “No. 1, Easy Street.”

This was about a decade ago and soon thereafter Danny started his first business: he became a mobile DJ. While that was a good gig (and still is, see below), everything changed when Brewer went to a trade show and saw an opportunity in the photo-booth business. You know what photo booths are – you see them at weddings and other events, where guests can dress up and get their pictures taken.

Before long, Danny Brewer had five photo booths running, giving us the first insight into how to rock the gig economy:

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