The Telecommuting and Gig Workforce in Montana

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Are you a teleworker in Montana? We’d like to hear from you.

"why do you or what made you decide to telecommute? And what are the benefits of telecommuting (personally and to your community)?"

Why idyllic rural towns around the world are paying people to move there

The world is opening up to remote working. More and more businesses are realising that employees don’t need babysitting every minute of every day and can in fact be more productive working remotely than when commuting into an office – not to mention the cost-saving implications.

The US government is seriously underestimating how much Americans rely on gig work

Undercounting people who rely on "alternative work arrangements" risks marginalizing a key part of the American economy.

‘Gig economy’ increasingly concentrated among older workers

The share of Americans who may be classified as part of the "gig economy" has shrunk since 2005, according to a government report that also showed such jobs are increasingly concentrated among older workers in an aging labor force.

Are you a telecommuter with a home office? You just lost a tax break.

His accountant recently broke the bad news that the tax overhaul passed in late 2017 took away one remote employees’ right

California ruling will cause ‘seismic shift’ in gig economy

The ruling will likely increase the number of workers eligible for benefits under state wage laws.

Entrepreneurs Can Capitalize On The New Gig Economy

Smart business professionals are rapidly becoming the new entrepreneurs.

Gig workers: You’re probably making less than you think

Self-employment has many costs, including some you might not expect. Here are some money matters you need to consider before you go it alone.

Healthcare, freelanced: Where will gig economy workers get coverage?

There are plenty of problems lurking on America’s career ladder, but here is a big one: our healthcare systems are designed for the workforce of 1950.

EPP 164: How To Earn Much More As An Affiliate Marketer With Jesse Lakes

In this week’s episode of the Extra Paycheck Podcast I am joined by an entrepreneur, CEO and co-founder of Genius Link and University of Montana alum, Jesse Lakes.