Rural Communities

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How the city hurts your brain (so move to a rural community!)

While it’s long been recognized that city life is exhausting — that’s why Picasso left Paris — this new research suggests that cities actually dull our thinking, sometimes dramatically so.

Moving to Flyover Country

Lost in the discussions of the decline has been the continuation of a seemingly inexorable secular trend: the continued migration to the “Flyover County” that many of the coastal urban elites tend to dismiss as insignificant and even unlivable. What residents of Elitia reject, millions are embracing.

How To Make Teleworking Work

The rise in teleworker programs makes a strong case for enterprises to consider the use of unified Relevant Products/Services communications (UC) and may be the driving force leading to much wider deployments.

Filling the Labor Pipeline

Those communities that realize tomorrow’s work force will need ever-changing skills are teaming up with area businesses and higher educational institutions to fill the labor pipeline.

Fargo, North Dakota duo head multimillion-dollar business – InterceptEFT

"Today’s high-tech business environment with the Internet and electronic services eliminates geographic barriers," he said. "If you can provide a valuable service, you can have the same type of reach whether you are in New York or Fargo or wherever."

Telecommuting Programs Make Organizations Lean, Mean, And Green

The most energy-efficient office is the one that’s never built. Now, advances in remote access technologies may finally make telecommuters just as secure and productive as those working at HQ.

High-Tech Hotspots: a Roadmap

As high-tech industries continue to grow throughout the United States, more locations will have opportunities to join the growing list of hotspots. Those that can meet the needs of companies seeking low costs, educated employees, and highly desirable quality-of-life offerings will see the most success.

Remote Wyoming towns home to broadband jobs – Eleutian Technology

Eleutian Technology hires people in towns across northern Wyoming to teach English to South Koreans using Skype, the free online calling and person-to-person video service. Two years old, Eleutian already is one of Wyoming’s fastest-growing businesses.

Smaller Cities Better For Small Business

"The large urban centres have had the luxury for a long time of cranking up the taxes on their business cores, but as they have enlarged, the [smaller centres] are much more business-friendly."

Yahoo to announce plans for Nebraska facility

If the company goes ahead with the project, within four years it would have to invest at least $100 million and create at least 50 jobs with a minimum average salary of $68,700.