Rural Communities

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The Internet vs. The Automobile. "Place" becomes more important.

"The more we live and work in cyberspace, the more important real place becomes." John M. Eger

Confronting the Talent Crunch: 2007

Talent shortages exist in
many areas of the global
labor force today, a situation
that will grow more acute
and more widespread
across more jobs over the
next 10 years – and could
threaten the engines of
world economic growth
and prosperity.

The Power of Information: Using Data to Create and Refine Your Economic Development Strategy

“The greatest danger in times
of turbulence is not the turbulence;
it is to act with yesterday’s logic.”
Peter Drucker

Lower Cost Domestic Sourcing: A Niche Opportunity for the US

This report synthesizes those opinions and provides a view of how the US can become a more
cost effective global sourcing destination by encouraging and nurturing job creation in smaller,
often economically disadvantaged American communities, thereby enabling more cost effective
IT services delivery in the US.

Driver beware: Your commute could be killing you

Even as the stress mounts, we put up with it, since most of us can’t afford to or don’t want to live near our offices. We sacrifice our longevity for short-term gains."

States work to plug ‘brain drain’

The problem for states is there’s no sure-fire solution.

2007 QUALITY OF LIFE QUOTIENT: What Really Matters Is Not the Salary, but What That Salary Will Buy

Our 9th Annual Quality of Life Quotient rates each of the 362 metro areas to find out which offer the best middle class lifestyle for manufacturing and service companies.

N. Idaho looks to prosper with ex-urbanites

Cheap housing. Good schools. Low crime. All are elements of an attractive community, perhaps one where a business might relocate or open a satellite office, especially if quality roads and telecommunications links are already in place.

Great Things Are Happening In Nebraska

Among the business advantages a Nebraska location offers is outstanding rates for industrial and commercial energy use.

A symbiotic relationship – Hewlett Packard and Fort Collins, Colorado

"I took a map of the U.S. and circled cities that had airports within one hour’s drive. Then in a different color I circled cities that were within a 30-minute drive to universities that had engineering schools," wrote HP employee Stan Shelby in an archived company document. "When you begin to look at these, there were just a few cities to consider."