Rural Communities

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Boise company, Medical Management Inc., finds success – and makes employees happy – by doing business digitally

In 1999, MedMan closed its office and began operating in the virtual world, saving $15,000 a month, shredding eight Dumpsters’ worth of paperwork. Trounson and his team run the company from anywhere in the world using laptop computers and smartphones.

High-Tech Start-Ups Put Down Roots in New Soil

High-tech start-ups are increasingly setting up shop in places previously not known for attracting high-tech firms.

U.S. Cities Fare Poorly in World Livability Ranking

In terms of global urban livability, American cities are not so hot. The highest ranking city, Honolulu, comes in at 29 in the results of the Worldwide Quality of Living Survey.

Telecommuting surge taking hold in Utah

Though some bosses still fear the concept, in an era of concerns and policy discussions about dependence on foreign oil and global warming, working at home instead of driving to an office can save a lot of energy and offers other rewards.

The Pros of Planting Startups in Smaller Cities

Quality of life and local incentives can lend a competitive advantage to entrepreneurs when they need it most

Some tech companies rethink their outsourcing strategies

A new survey of chief financial officers suggests these perilous times are causing some to consider outsourcing operations to other regions of the United States rather than overseas.

Almost half of Americans want to live somewhere else

"It’s a city that ranks high on most of the lists," Morin says. "It’s a new city, a growing city, a younger city on what most people would perceive as the doorstep of God’s country — the Rocky Mountains."

Speak Your Piece: With No Commute, I’ve Got More Time To….

In my hometown, there’s no 45-minute commute to work. Or home again. Isn’t that something valuable rural communities have to offer?

Small firms begin to see advantage of telecommuting

"Today’s economy is becoming an impetus for this growing workforce. It is ideal for the knowledge-based information industry, but even other industries will shift to this in the near future. Look at the e-commerce shift that has taken place,"

Where to Locate Your Business

Choosing the right place can mean the difference between success and failure for entrepreneurs