Rural Communities

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Millionaires cashing out of Bay Area

"I’m hearing from more California baby boomers, ‘I need to get out,’"

Start-up success: a guide

"Clusters matter because a new business is more likely to find relevant professional advisers, sources of capital and suitable premises on its doorstep.

Drug maker may bring 150 jobs to Nampa, Idaho

"This is a fantastic opportunity for Nampa," Long said. "It’s pretty rare that communities anywhere have the chance to attract high-quality jobs."

Older workers offer ‘growth sector’

"The aging of the state’s population over the next decade suggest(s) the need for employers, elected officials, educators and workforce development specialist(s) to look to older workers as a source of labor supply to meet rising workforce requirements and to consider new ways of connecting those 55 and over to the state’s labor market."

Small Firms Win Over IT Talent

By offering job security, flexibility and growth opportunities, mid-tier companies minimize IT turnover.

More Americans Than Ever Commuting To Work Alone In Their Car

"People are really anxious to show they’re conscious about the environment and energy, but they’re really not that conscious about it," says the medical researcher, speaking of people he has observed in the Boston area, where he’s lived for the past six years. "Their actions don’t follow their words."

Lack of Affordable Housing Near Jobs: A Problem for Employers and Employees

The survey was taken to gauge perceptions by employers and commuters regarding the impact of long distances between housing and jobs on business operations and workers’ quality of life.

School-Business Partnerships Target STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) Subjects. Trained Workforce Crucial to Rural Economic Development

Efforts part of larger push to make U.S. workforce more globally competitive.

2007 Top Cities For Business Attraction: These Communities Are Literally Magnets for Business

Communities that have all been remarkably successful at attracting business expansions and relocations. It is a reflection of the remarkably vibrant local economies these communities have built over the past several decades.

The Role of Small and Large Business in Economic Development. Home Grown is Best

A growing number of economic development professionals have stopped chasing big businesses and started chasing the entrepreneurs who create them.