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Take Another ‘Big Look’ In Oregon

Planners and politicians are calling for a revival of Oregon’s "Big Look" — a broad effort to refresh the state’s urban growth and land use planning policies.

Icebreaker relocation heats up apparel scene in Portland. Company is leaving Ketchum, Idaho

"It’s not easy to build a high-talent team in a town with only one flight in a day," said Icebreaker CEO Jeremy Moon of his decision to relocate U.S. headquarters from Ketchum, Idaho.

Shhh, Don’t Share This News About Portland

After a New York Times real estate article points out that on top of being one of America’s most livable cities it is also one of its most affordable, there could be mass migration to Portland.

Startups step out of the shadows in Oregon

Record cash – Venture capitalist investments in Oregon companies are their highest since the dot.com flame out

Silicon Forest is stunted, Oregon’s wellspring of homegrown technology business is drying up.

More worrisome is that few high-tech companies have sprung up to take their place.

A record gift for the University of Oregon: $74.5 million for science research and teaching

Lokey, who was born and raised in Portland but never attended UO, has given a total of $132 million to the university in the past four years. He said in an interview that giving to UO is his way of giving back to his home state.

Oregon Introduces Tax Credit to Donors Supporting University Research

“This tax credit is one of a kind,” Oregon State Treasurer Randall Edwards said. “No other state has a program where donors can receive such a generous tax credit in return for helping move research from lab to market,”

In Portland, a Golden Age of Dining and Drinking

Chefs flock to a city where food is the star, produce is stellar and real estate is cheap.

Portlanders Want A Future That’s Similar, But Better

Portlanders want to preserve the city’s progressive spirit and its caring, healthy, laid-back, environmentally conscious uniqueness. They also want to make sure all residents can share its prosperity.

Greenlight Greater Portland gears up

Portland is trying to align its economic development strategies around sustainability. So, not surprisiingly, a privately-led recruitment effort is focused on a handful of clusters: renewable energy, green-building technology, recycling technology and environmental practices sectors.