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Oregon companies having fun with job titles

Why be CEO when you can call yourself Chief Wisdom Officer? President sounds pretty dull, compared with Consultant of Leisure. And unlike a receptionist, a Director of Smiles can spread cheer with her nameplate alone.

Oregon Legislature’s session opens with a call for tax increases

Kulongoski, who is seeking $2 billion in higher fees and taxes, listed his recession-year priorities: Provide all children with health insurance, create a skilled work force, put Oregon on the cutting edge of renewable energy technology and rebuild the state’s transportation system.

SolarWorld: Germany’s fastest-growing company opens plant in Oregon

SolarWorld employs more than 2,200 worldwide, including about 400 at its $440 million Hillsboro factory, which opened in October to produce solar crystals, wafers and cells. The plant, billed as the largest solar factory in the Americas, is capable of producing enough material each year to generate 100 megawatts of electricity.

Superfast WiMAX comes to Portland

We’re second in the nation to get a taste of an ambitious, unproven, new technology called WiMAX. It beams super-fast Web access from cell phone towers all over the metro area to you, wherever you are.

Oregon exceptionally generous with green-energy subsidies

When the Legislature convenes next week, Gov. Ted Kulongoski will call on lawmakers to raise taxes and fees as the state plunges deeper into recession.

Reviewing Oregon’s top tech stories of 2008

Portland’s much-loathed free Wi-Fi network formally gave up the ghost in June. Its antennas continue to haunt streetlights around town; defunct contractor MetroFi opted to abandon them.

Energy Profile: Come Build And Grow Your Business in Oregon

We welcome you to explore our liveable urban spaces, diverse communities and the Pacific Northwest beauty that make this area so attractive.

Reinventing Estacada, Oregon: from timber to manufacturing

Now, as the economy takes another plunge, this town of 2,900 seems better positioned to weather the decline, in part because of a series of public-private partnerships on land set aside for light industry.

Oregon’s creativity lights up

Maybe they could brand Oregon as a creative capital.

Oregon industries reflect on tough economy, and look ahead

Oregon’s traded-industry sectors — natural resources, high-tech, manufacturing, creative services and green technologies — act as key indicators for the state’s economic performance. Here’s a snapshot of how some are doing and their ideas for weathering the recession.